Nigerian Migrant Beaten To Death In Italy Racist Attack

nigerian migrant died racist attack italy

July 7, 2016 – Nigerian Migrant Beaten To Death In Italy Racist Attack

A Nigerian man passed away yesterday at an hospital in Paolo Calcinora city Italy a day after he was attacked by some Mafias.

The victim identified as 36-year-old Chidi Emmanuel was going for a walk with his girlfriend on Tuesday when some Mafias heaped racial slurs on them.

In a bit to defend themselves, the lovers ordered the Italian Mafias to stop calling them racially abusive names.

The verbal argument led to a fight and in the process Chidi suffered a blow to the head.

He slipped into a coma and never woke up. He was declared dead yesterday.

The deceased who survived a perilous Mediterranean crossing last year had been living in Italy since last year before the racist attack claimed his life.

May his soul rest in peace (amen).

12 thoughts on “Nigerian Migrant Beaten To Death In Italy Racist Attack

  1. That is what happen when you are in a country God doesn’t want you to be
    Sorry life. RIP

    • you’re very stupid @kolade alli , what does God have to do with this ?
      was God not there when he got the visa ? was God not there when he go into the plane ?
      this is mans evil don’t BRING God into this

  2. It is a pity. This is so senseless . It is only in Naija we can walk free, talk free and behave and even misbehave as freely as we like, for here we are citizens. Something should be done to make our homeland attractive for our people to live in because it is so disheartening hearing about so many young Nigerians being killed abroad for no just cause.
    RIP to the dead!

  3. For Chidi to have crossed the Mediterranean successfully, I don’t think mere abusive words could make him want to defend himself. Chidi was in a wrong place at the wrong time. Rip man.

  4. sorry brother na bad government cause am,if our country nigeria is good like other countries our brothers and sister r rushing to go this wouldnt have happened to him, he would have stayed here in bro.

  5. he wld ve just walk away. abuse they kill he knows this white people don’t like black people. u just lost ur life,hope,dream feel so sorry for u. Rip

  6. Sometimes it can be tempting to want to retaliate when people attack us verbally,at such time the best thing to do is to exercise restraint. Abusive speech won’t gum on your body neither can it change the good God has planned for you. But I still believe the situation that led to his death has not being detailed enough. Many White people are racist. Just like in US from last week to this time,two black americans were fatally shot without any good reason. So let’s be careful when we travel to their lands.

  7. I was walking in the street of Brussels in early 90’s when a group of young French boys threw a half smoke cigarette on me. I really felt bad and upset but there was nothing I could do than to play dumb. Since I could not fight all of them, I have to play safe. Then, I turned around and made a remark “Merci bocu” even though I did not understand their language much but that saved me from further embarrassment/ humiliation. They started laughing to my response. If I have to claim my right as young man then, I would have been a dead man by now. At times in life you have to swallow your pride in order to move ahead. In most cases try to use convincing tone to bring down your enemies aggression towards you.

  8. Stay in Nigeria, NO. I don’t know what our people are looking for in countries where they’re not needed. RIP anyway

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