Nigerian Pastor Chukwusom Okoli Challenges Witches & Wizards In The World To A Spiritual Battle

nigerian pastors invites witches wizard spiritual fight

September 1st, 2016 – Fearless Igbo Pastor Apostle Chukwusom Okoli Challenges Witches, Wizards & Spiritualists In The World To A Spiritual Battle

The founder of NCCF (New Covenant Christian Fellowship) in Nnobi area of Anambra has called on all witches and wizards in the world to face him in spiritual contest.

According to Vanguard NG, the man of God identified as Apostle Chuwusom Okoli said he wants to re-enact what Prophet Elijah did to the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel in the bible.

See Okoli’s open invitation letter to the Occult world below:

Apostle Chukwusom Okoli

The battle line has been drawn let’s see who will cross it first.

22 thoughts on “Nigerian Pastor Chukwusom Okoli Challenges Witches & Wizards In The World To A Spiritual Battle

  1. Professor hustler and calculator looking for more members to come to your church. chiriooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. If our Father God has actually sent you to make this open confrontation, He will fortify you and fight for you. All the exploits prophet Elijah performed in the bible were injunctions from God, therefore, God gave him victories. If on the other hand, you are doing this for publicity stunt, God may not respond. Please, before embarking on any spiritual warfare, make sure God is the one leading you.

  3. God bless you richly @ Mary for this candid Advice/comment. Happy Ember Month to you. Excel in grace.
    I‘m sure you are aware that Miss Red is back on NG?

    Still strolling…

  4. Mrs Eranko, where have you been? Bench actually missed you that everyday he‘s been crying bcos of your absence like a nursing baby crys for its mother‘s breast milk.
    Welcome back. Happy new month.

    Wow! Its becoming a full House again. Just missing: Jojo and My lady, then comeandmarry, Emeka, Amanda, Jilo…

    I take a stroll…

  5. You must be spiritully rooted to challenge the forces of darkness to a battle. Elijah was never a wishy washy Prophet as at when he challenged the prophets of Baal.

    He was operating in a very high spiritual velocity/tension/auction/
    authority/power/annointing. God was with him. So just like our dear Mary commented, if you are sure its God leading you, then go ahead, victory is yours.

    I take a stroll…

  6. Red, I think you must show your picture. You obviously are the toast of this page hence your re-appearance causing such ruckus. Even our own local “terrorists” on this page refer to you with tenderness our curiosity knows no bounds.
    I join welcome you o !!!

    • Big Aunty, I greet you. Thanks so much for the love. We’re like a little family here before I traveled hence the welcome. Thanks so much. I hope to be your best friend too.

  7. While other nations are finding solutions to their economical problems, Nigerians are busy with witchcraft nonentity. No wonder the country is so backwards.

  8. @MARYF, WHAT WOULD you like to drink? Your comment is just pure and straight. I just hope that the pastor knows what he’s doing, because demons de slap person o! And na deaf and dumb straight.

  9. Thanks@ D Hunter, I deliberately did not make my joy known by welcoming her, so as not to draw your attention against me incase you misconstrue me again. Thank God, you don’t have anything against me again.
    @Metu thanks a million, but I think you are mistakening me for Maryf. All the same, I appreciate it.

  10. @D Hunter, happy ember months to you too. Yes, I’m glad red is back but I didn’t indicate it, so that I wouldn’t speak out of tune where you are concerned. Thank God you hold nothing against me now.
    @ Metu, thanks a million, but unfortunately, you are mistakening me for Maryf. I am simply Mary. I appreciate it all the same.

  11. Nigerians we hail thee. Nigerians will do anything to boost their business even if it takes falsifying in the name of God. Ha!! ha!!! Sir Pastor you really tried for using this dimension unlike your predecessors who always stage miracles. This pastor quite understand that people are getting more wiser nowadays and do not want to throw away their money away in the name of Sunday tithes and came up with new style. This self acclaimed pastor knew that people will troop first into that Church on that day in order to see the wonders but guess what? nothing will happen on that day. It is just a way of attracting customers into his business. No witch or wizard will come out publicly to challenge this man, they can only engage in spiritual battle with him. Also this guy might have appeased to witches and wizards before challenging them in order to avoid being punished by the occult world since most of them the got their power through them. Just thinking aloud!.

  12. Na wah ooo ! Lol economy do tite now. collection and contribution don dwindle so time to devise new ways to draw in the gullible and miracle seekers. Naija for you.

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