Julius Agwu Not Dead: Nigerian Comedian In Coma In London As Cancerous Brain Tumour Returns

julius agwu dead

September 1st, 2016 – Julius Agwu Not Dead: Nigerian Comedian In Coma In London As Malignant Brain Tumour Returns

If you are a fan of popular Naija comic star Julius Agwu, please remember him and his family members in your prayers today.

As at the time of this report, the comedian is in a coma at an undisclosed hospital in the United Kingdom.

Though his camp initially denied the report, two insiders have confirmed it on the social media that Julius Agwu is indeed clinging to life at the hospital.

Mr Agwu who was actively promoting his Crack Ya Ribs show scheduled for last Sunday August 28 in London didn’t turn up.

Comedian Ali Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st and Yaw Naija were the ones who saved the day for him.

His last post on Instagram was on Thursday the 25th of August, the same day he reportedly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

is julius agwu dead or alive

Friends, fans and colleagues have been wishing him quick recovery ever since the news of his illness broke last week.

An insider said his family members are making effort to fly him to the United States where he had brain surgery last year. The source blamed stress on Mr Agwu’s failing health.

This is what Zik Zulu Okafor said about Julius Agwu on Facebook yesterday.

Wishing him quick recovery.

24 thoughts on “Julius Agwu Not Dead: Nigerian Comedian In Coma In London As Cancerous Brain Tumour Returns

  1. I pray you get well soon and more years added to your life. Brain cancer is the worst of all cancers, it is never completely gone it needs frequent chimo and that is expensive.

    The sad news about this is that they never survive it. I work at a hospital and I see cases with best care money can buy, sadly they all passed. I pray he survives this. So sad

  2. C’mon dear,pls don’t do this.Get up and make the world smile.I can’t bear the sight of you laying there helplessly. May God a might do this wonders on you.you won it once, you gonna win it again in Jesus name AMEN!

  3. God (the great physician) that made dead bone to receive life will touch and bring u back to serve him n also fulfil your destiny In Jesus Name,amen. God will do it in His Mercy, He does not fail.

  4. Julius, I pray for you today in the Name that is above every other names, In the Name of Jesus Christ rise up to your feet again I walk, receive your healing from the MIRACLE Healer IJN.

  5. My God doesn’t fail His own… So I begin to thank you for his life,because your wish for us is that we prosper and be in good health even as our soul prosper.julius Agwu, we will celebrate with you again.


  7. I get really emotional with the news that Julius Agwu brain tumor had resurfaced, but the great doctor of Heaven will surely heal him. He is one of my favorite comedian for so many years, and it saddened me that is presently in a state of coma. There is no situation or condition too powerful or messy for God of Isreal to handle and resolve through His son-Christ Jesus, I urge the family, friends, and fans of Julius to keep praying for his speedly recovery and total healing. By His strives, you are heal brother Julius.

  8. I believe that prayer alone can move the Hands that moves the Universe. Therefore I pray and command divine healing towards Julius Agu right now wherever he is IJN.

    Still strolling…

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