Nigerian Prophet Predicts Sowore As Next President Of Nigeria

sowore president nigeria

A Nigerian Prophet based in Pretoria, Samuel Akinbodunse has predicted the next President of Nigeria.

Samuel Akinbodunse

The founder of Freedom for All Nation Outreach said come 2019, a youth whose name starts with S will be elected as the President of Nigeria.

Out of all the people contesting for Presidency, Sahara Reporter founder, Omoyele Sowore is the youngest person whose name starts with S.

Saraki who is also contesting is 57 while Sowore is 47.

6 thoughts on “Nigerian Prophet Predicts Sowore As Next President Of Nigeria

  1. Dooms day actors ,first name or surname ?una don start if someone who is 40 that bears s probably from north automatically becomes the president.

  2. What ideology do Sowore has for national affair. Hope he has good intention for downtrodden in our society…

  3. So how do you define “youth”? To someone in his seventies or eighties, people aged 47 or 57 are considered “youths”

  4. Good as he captioned it prediction from him and not God said….any of them that will occupy that post will be changed by the rotten system…

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