Nigerian Restaurant Selling Human Meat In Anambra Is A Hoax – Police Blasts Daily Mail, BBC, AFP


nigerian restaurant selling human flesh

May 18, 2015 – “Nigerian Restaurant Selling Cooked Human Flesh As Meat In Anambra Story Is A Hoax” – Nigerian Police Blasts Daily Mail, BBC, AFP For Carrying False Stories

A very embarrassing story about Nigeria made its way into the media few days ago and shockingly almost all the media outlets in Nigeria carried the baseless story.

The news that started on a Swahili website made its way into international tabloids after BBC, Associated Press and Daily Mail published the false story on their websites.

The story claimed that a particular restaurant selling human meat was shut down in Enugu for cooking human flesh. The story also alleged that two human heads were seen on the premises when police stormed the building.

Well to cut the long story short, Anambra State Police Command had debunked the story.

Hear what Uche Eze, the State’s Police Spokesperson said about the hoax yesterday;

“There was nothing like that. I advise you to ignore that report. It’s not true and it did not happen. We don’t have such record. It’s embarrassing. I think we definitely deserve an apology because this story has already been sold out to a huge international audience who made so many unnecessary comments about Nigeria and Nigerians”.

Nigerian media outlets need to work on story verification before publishing it, the fact that it makes an headline in the UK doesn’t make the story right.

Shame on those trying to tarnish the image of Nigeria and those indirectly supporting them by publishing baseless stories.