Photos: Nigerian Nurse Injected Patient With Sleeping Drug In Enugu Over Support For Jonathan


nurse sacked injecting patient sleeping drug

May 18, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Male Nurse Injected Patient With Sleeping Drug In Enugu Hospital Over Support For Jonathan, Alozie Ejimadu Fired

Meet Mr Alozie Ejimadu, one of the best nurses at The Federal Neuropsychatric Hospital in Enugu.

He has lost his job for allegedly injecting one of his patients (a woman) with a highly concentrated dose of sleeping drugs because she doesn’t want Jonathan to lose the March 28th Presidential election.

Ejimadu allegedly carried out the criminal act on the day of the election.

He then took to Facebook two days later to boast of his acts to friends. He threatened that anyone praying for Jonathan’s victory would be silenced with an injection, an incriminating medical statement that could land an healthcare professional in jail.

Check out his post below:

The bubble bust on him when one of his Facebook fans reported his Facebook post to an NGO who in turn reported him to his employer.

The Centre for The Right Of Psychiatric Patients contacted FNH Enugu on May 5 about the post, Ejimadu was immediately placed on suspension.

In a letter dated May 7, 2015, he was sent packing from the hospital where had worked since 2007.

After his suspension, he went on FB to tell friends that what he said on March 30, 2015 didn’t happen but his apology didn’t change his employer’s disciplinary measure against him.