Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey’s Burial Pictures: Her Funeral Held In Ikoyi, Lagos Today

goldie harvey funeral pictures

Feb 25, 2013 – Late Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey’s Burial Pictures: Her Funeral Held In Ikoyi, Lagos Today

Deceased Nigerian singer Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey nee Filani also known as Goldie Harvey was laid to rest peacefully at a cemetery in Ikoyi Lagos State this morning.

Goldie Harvey’s burial service commenced at 10 am at the Vaults & Gardens funeral home in Ikoyi, Lagos Island, Nigeria with few family members and close associates in attendance.

Her husband, Mr Goldie Harvey who got his Nigerian Visa at the last minute also graced the burial ceremony today.

Only few photographers were given access today and thanks to Mr Akinbobola Omotunde who snapped the above pictures today. He was granted an access to the burial ceremony by close family members.

Before her marriage, she’s Susan Oluwabimpe Filani. She was given the nickname Goldie by her expatriate husband, Mr Leonard Andrew Harvey.

In a recent interview before Goldie Harvey’s funeral, her husband Andrew claimed he taught her how to live a controversial lifestyle. “I taught her controversy pays”…. Andrew Harvey said.

She hailed from Ekiti state.

The deceased is survived by her only son and family members.

May her soul rest in perfect peace!

See more photos from Goldie Harvey’s burial below

Goldie Harvey’s Burial Pictures

[Photo Credit: Akinbobola Omotunde,]

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58 thoughts on “Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey’s Burial Pictures: Her Funeral Held In Ikoyi, Lagos Today

  1. Andrew Harvey i qoute “i taught her (Goldie) to live a controversial life ‘cos it pays” n she died a controversial death.

  2. Vanity Upon Vanity…Where is the Big Brother
    thing? Where is the music thing? Where is flexing
    thing? Where is show thing? Where is Prezzo thing
    & Where is Dunrele thing???? Just a lesson to
    those that are still alive because there’s no
    repentance in the grave. Vanity Upon Vanity. I
    want to rule Nigeria in 2015 by fire by force, I want
    to dethrone someday come 2015, I want to do
    this, I want to do that… forgetting that we are just
    like pencil in the hand of our CREATOR

    • Ehhh my brother na true talk life is indeed fragile & very Worthless 2 live without Christ! I’m sure right now where ever she is She would have wished she had been a Celebrity 4 CHRIST! Cos really in D end its all indeed “Vanity & Vexation of D Spirit”

    • we all know that vanity equals vanity, and we know that no matter the riches and fame you acquire in this world, all will be left behind when death calls. But that doesn’t mean that while you still breathe you dont have to live your life to the fullest, and live your dreams. Goldie is a Fighter, and she conquered so many,that is why we are here, and was fulfilled too, the world is a market place. Kudos to her! Many unrepented people couldn’t step up to such. Yes, repentance is necessary but that is left for her and God our creator.Big bro, music, shows, Prezzo, Danrele,jus like everyone will move on till their own Armagedon day. You, who will go with you on your own day? I guess you know the answer. Judgement is of God Almighty not you. Rest in Peace Goldie. She will always be a Star and be loved and remembered by people far and near.

      • actually the world is a market place and judgement is of God almighty.but the bible clearly says that what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul.The truth is dat u and I can actually prepare for the life after death(eternity)if we make the choice now to accept Jesus into our lives and allow him to control our dreams and pursuit in life.only then can we b said to have lives out our dreams.any dreams lived outside Gods control and direction is a wasted dream.

  3. i wandered y derenle is not at kirikiri yet. 2 people killed 2 stars on valentine day, pistorious oscar of south africa and denrele edun. pistorious is being investigated and denrenle who was the last person woth goldie on valentine night is still waling a free man

    • What the f**k are you talking about ehn….. Why do you think Denrele should be in kirikiri ehn!! Did the report says her death is from Denrele or you just want to run your mouth like tap?? Cheiiiiiiii. Some people needs forgiveness from God sha…. Think before you say ….they’re best friends…… I hope you know that! R.I.P oluwabimpe a.k.a GOLDIE.


  5. Goldie died without Jesus cos according to her last interview ,she called herself a free thinker meaning she doesn,t believe in jesus. Remember the bible says he,s the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. The truth is Goldie is in hell burning for eternity and screaming as she been tortured by demons. Pls pls pls don,t end up like Goldie, better reconsider your steps and actions tonite. You may not wake up tomorrow morning on earth but rather in hell. 2678 people die every minute all over the world. Don,t try to prove God wrong. You may never ever return to tell us ur tales. Be Blessed.

    • who says she’s burning in hell?! have you been to Hell before? You will never know the way of God, be you am minister, pastor, prophet…whatever. Speak for yourself nobody returns from the dead to tell any tales, it still remains a mystery, worship your God, do not judge people, and wait till the day you die to witness Heaven and Hell.

    • Mr. Judge, Deji Esamah, how come you know that she is in hell fire? Did you know her last moment with God in her point of death? why must you be too quick to conclude, you never can tell if she made peace with God before she gave up ghost.

      What counts is your stand with the Creator that moment of your death not what are known for or what you did in the past. Therefore, look well not to fall when you think you stand says the bible. The gospel is for the living not the dead right now. So make haste while the sun shines. PEACE

  6. Goldie Sunreee O & I Pray dat GOD will give her family,best friend,loved ones& husband d fortitude 2 bear this very heart breaking & painful death! Ahhh Goldie gone for real? its as if I’m still dreaming!

  7. Goldie words can not express hw i fill abt u,u were my mentor and my role modern ur painful exit is still shocking to me.but for sure i know that it is scriptural dares time for everything u are a star and till death ur still a star. u no y no1 can ever take that name away form you Goldie. Weep no more cause you will be Shining and Singing in Heaven. Adieu Goldie my Tribute. Kelvinblazy

  8. So Goldie has a son, just reading it for the 1st time, who then is the father of her son, she was really a controversial woman. RIP.

  9. Lets learn from this: Goldie was well off than most of her criticizers. God knows our hearts more than we are known. Do RIP!

  10. Mr.Deji Esama,remember the holy bible told us judge not and ye shall not be judge. Judgement belong to the Almighty God! You don’t know if she gave her life to Christ on that day she died or her last confession before she died so I advice you not to judge any soul.

    Goldie Harvey,may your soul rest in peace “R.I.P”.

  11. All those saying Goldie is in Hell, were you with her before she died? Did you know her spiritual state at the time she died? If you must preach, preach well because you aint any better than her, also salvation is personal, she will answer her questions, work on yourself. Your earnest prayer should be to spend eternity with God.stop judging, your are not God. Also why should Denrele be in kirikiri? Did he kill her? As far as I know, they were best friends. Mind your business! Me I don’t know what happened there and I don’t want to know! RIP Susan!

  12. Why do pple jugde are u God,why jugding Goldie ones appearance doesn’t mean she don’t serve God what give u assurance dat u urself is going to heaven God said though shall not jugde ur fellow human beings,Goldie has a good heart…RIP I Love u Goldie

  13. Yea Goldie is dead we all know but I think a proper investigation should be done, cos honestly there is more to what the eye sees I’m sure there’s is more to the story

  14. E ma se je ka gbagbe o, pe ajo l’aye yi orun ni ile wa. Give your life to christ today, it may be your last chance. Hell is real.

  15. This is a wake-up call to all music artists and movie stars. All of you are nothing without Christ. A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of his/her possession and popularity. There is no place on earth or personal wealth that can be compared to what is reserved in heaven for true born again christians. Pls don’t be deceived by material things. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world for few years and lose his soul for eternity? On the day of judgement, you will not appear as a movie star, or popular artist, or politician or by your nickname or title, but as Yusuf, Emeka, Shola, Akpan, Ebiere, Tonye, Efe, or Akubor. Heaven is real and so is Hell. Don’t gamble with your life. Accept JESUS CHRIST now for your own good.

    • It is true. Let us all go back to our creator. Repent and accept him and he will forgive us our sins. I have made up my mind to go back to God what about you friends?

  16. The bible says by thier fruits you shall know them. Am not judging her but God does not lie. Let us all learn from this. She died without christ cos if she was born again she wouldn,t have died the way she did. No repentance in the grave. If you want to know what happens in hell google the story of angelica Zanbrano that died for 23hrs and went to hell. God took her there to show her what is happening there now.Also google men who died and went to hell. Lets all return to God and abandon the ways of sin. It is appointed outo man to die once after that judgementis set. Goldie was judged and sentenced immediately she died by the throne of God. Are u born again? cos if u not it could be ur turn to go and see hell tonite.

  17. Nothing like God have mercy on her soul.God,s mercy ends on earth and the day you cross that veil, judgement is set.There,s no repentance in the grave.God has allowed people to go and see what hell looks like therefore exhausting all options and fufilling the wish of the rich man in this last day generation. Hell has no age restrictions, cos if a child attains the age of accountability and can desern between good and evil, if that child dies without christ its straight to hell.You need to watch how men digging in siberia heard the sounds from hell, broda / sista pls google and listen for yourselves. Be wise and dont be foolish. Goldie is screaming right now but no remedy for ever.

    • As much as I am not a fan of Goldie, because I do not know her personally apart from what the Newspaper says about her but lets refrain from being judgemental. You were not there when she was dying all she had to say was God forgive me, remember the Good thief on the cross at calvary, my dear Deji Esamah, only the sin against the Holy spirit will not be forgiven i.e denying the existence of God (unrepentant heart). The Brother said she asked the dad to pray for her, God’s mercy is limitless, but that does not mean we should however take his mercy for granted since we do not know when our time on this earth will be up.

    • All u gids on earth judging the dead, U r really sick. Do u kn that u r already condemned byassuming the position of God ?What makes you think you are better off than the dead? She died that way cos God approved it. What about the late pastor s who died in plan crash? Is it because of their sins? Pity, whoever u r, I pity ur soul. Whatever it is u r reading, better read it well n know the truth. May God forgive u.

  18. wow,,,so many interestin comments on Goldie,,,what is truth & what is being judgemental? our problem as human being is we don’t learn @ d right time.Evry 1 of us wil give account b4 God, 4 those doubtin d existance of Hell it is real & once you r there no way out again…think of it & b wise by acceptin Christ & bein a true child of God.Goldie made her choice,she’s gone!

  19. Goldie is dead is nt a new thing, evry body wil die one day becos death is inevitable, what we pray is life after death in heaven. May her soul rest in perfect peace amem.

  20. its so funny that everyone sleeps at the feet of Jesus.Even GOLDIE?those of you who believe Goldie is in Heaven should continue living in mirage.let your hell bound pastors and immams continue to deceive you.its easy to to always say “you were not there when she/he dies.Goldie was a fornicator,an adulterer,a liar,an ungodly cant deceive God but your friends and pastors.Goldie is hell bound.learn from her life instead of consoling your sinful and deceptful lifes.i hope someone will not remember this in hell.if you continue to say “you and goldie will meet again”.then you may be together in HELL FIRE.Change your ways DENRELE,KENNIS,ANDREW HARVEY,
    you cannot enter heave with “jawojawo lomo” or “ma gboko lowo e”
    sing songs of worship and praises to GOd your maker.dont be an IDIOT!!!


  22. rest in peace Goldie, you ,ve live your life you also enjoyed alot of things while you were alive. so Almighty GOD knows the best for you. Go well home to the creator we all miss you and you will be remmember always.

  23. @ayo u dnt knw knw wat u are sayin,even though she was an adoltroz woman,are u beta dan her?or dnt u knwdat all God judgements are equal b4 him….u wnt to tel me u dnt lie,u dnt somtymx direspect ur parnts,u dntskip church even if u do not fornicate,dey ar al equal b4 God,so dnt b judgemental….do u even knw dat u’ve sind by sayin shes goin to HELL****God gave us d grace to preach d gosel ad not to b d judge……so kip ur thots to urself d stp bein judgemental….REST IN PEAcE GOLDIE*****R*I*P……..

  24. may her soul rest in perfect peace.people are so good in one is perfect and goldie had a good heart.

  25. It cannot be denied that reaching the heights of success cannot prevent death, and one has to leave for the heavenly abode one day or the other. All that remains behind is the memoires, coffins and the cremation urns.

  26. i pray to God almighty to plz consider our dear
    sister goldie as she rest in the lord and for it to teach the rest of us a lesson that we dont know when our D day is going to arrive so lets give our life to him cause his th Omini present RIP

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