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pupa tee kidney disease

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Urgent Appeal: Nigerian Singer Pupa Tee Seeks Financial Aid for Kidney Transplant

pupa tee kidney disease

Urgent Appeal: Nigerian Singer Pupa Tee Seeks Financial Aid for Kidney Transplant

Renowned Nigerian singer Adelaja David, popularly known by his stage name Pupa Tee, has launched a heartfelt appeal for financial support to undergo a life-saving kidney transplant.

Pupa Tee, who kickstarted his music journey during his time at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), has turned to Instagram in recent months to share his health struggles and seek assistance. In a series of candid posts, he has opened up about his two-decade-long battle with kidney disease, a journey that has recently led him to the path of dialysis treatment.

In an emotional video shared with his followers, Pupa Tee detailed the relentless challenges he has faced with his kidney condition. He expressed the severity of his situation, emphasizing that despite numerous treatments, his condition has deteriorated, necessitating regular dialysis to maintain his health.

“The past 20 years have been a constant battle with kidney issues and complications. Despite numerous efforts to overcome this, the problem persists,” he shared in the video. “I’ve recently had to start dialysis, and it’s been made clear that to have a real shot at a healthier life, I need a kidney transplant.”

Pupa Tee’s call for help is not just a personal plea but a request for a chance to live a full life again.

Adelaja David

Lending his voice and support to Pupa Tee’s cause is the well-known Nigerian comedian Koffi Idowu. Demonstrating remarkable solidarity, Koffi has been proactively rallying support for the beloved singer. He has called upon fans, friends, and colleagues in the entertainment industry to contribute towards the singer’s medical expenses, which are estimated to be around N15 million. Koffi has suggested a minimum donation of N2,000, encouraging everyone to partake in this collective act of kindness to help save a life.

This campaign reflects not only the personal hardship faced by Pupa Tee but also the power of community support in times of need. The response to his call for help will not only aid in his medical treatment but also serve as a testament to the strength and unity of the Nigerian music and entertainment community.

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