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Nigerian Sold As Slave To Farmers By Human Smugglers In Libya In Video Obtained By CNN

nigerian sold slave to farmers in libya by smugglers

Nov 14, 2017 – Nigerian Sold As Slave To Farmers By Human Smugglers In Libya In Video Obtained By CNN

……Human Smugglers Now Selling African Migrants Kept In Warehouses In Libyan

In a video dated October 22nd 2017, a Nigerian citizen was seen among the two men offered for sale by human smugglers turned auctioneers selling human beings as slave to large-scale farmers in Libya.

In a raw cell phone video obtained by CNN, a Nigerian wearing a pale shirt and sweatpants in his twenties was sold to a farmer for $400.00.

CNN later travelled to Libya to verify the authenticity of the video only to witness another auctioneer selling more people in Tripoli.

According to CNN, human smugglers are now selling migrants they kept in warehouses across Libya in a bid to make profit off them.

Hope Africans are now aware of the danger of travelling to unknown areas. Only God knows how many must have become slave in Libya by now. Chaii!!!! Lord have mercy o.

This explains why Nigerians are returning home voluntarily from the war-torn region.

258 people including 3 babies returned home today.

Hope our leaders are seeing what people are going through in their quest to get a better life.



  1. Olufunko Osoba

    November 15, 2017 at 12:29 AM

    Those smugglers are terrorists, they have no fear of God whatsoever, aFricans should be warned though awareness campaign. It is better to die in your land than to perish in the hands of those devils because they will torture you to death.
    Awareness Awareness Awareness is all Africans need right now. Dis suffering id dem too much.

  2. Mon

    November 15, 2017 at 2:23 AM

    Their own story may be better cos they are still alive, they kill some and harvest their organs. I hope our so called clueless leaders are reading this.

  3. DB

    November 15, 2017 at 8:31 AM

    Let the ministry of information do serious grassroot campaigns across the country, esp Edo state to discourage their people from embarking on such perilous journeys. I am 100% certain that as some are returning home with their tale os woes, many are still preparing to go. People making do or die trips because of the mess the leadership of the country and greed is causing. Slave trade is back and has come to stay! No thanks to Africans.

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