Nigerian Student Cuts Off & Swallows His Manhood In Ghana

nigerian student ghana swallowed manhood

Dec 18, 2012 – Nigerian Student Cuts Off & Swallows His Manhood In Ghana

In a very bizarre case, a 25-yr-old Nigerian student on Friday the 14th of December 2012 who appeared to be under a spiritual spell abruptly cut off his penis and swallowed it in Accra, Ghana.

The student who hailed from Zaria informed Andrew Idi and other officials of the Nigerian High Commission Accra who paid him a visit at the hospital that a strong spiritual force compelled his to carry out the bizarre act.

He is currently being treated at a teaching hospital in Accra, Ghana.

In Ghana, the average tuition fee per academic session for a non-Ghanaian student hovers around $6,000 (over N900,000). If his parents could pay his fees for studying in Ghana, it was doubtful hunger was not the boy’s reason.

So, was he jilted by a lover? Was it some senseless act of bravado or as a result of failure or poor grades?  Reliable sources indicated more than 20,000 Nigerians are students in various tertiary institutions across the former Gold Coast.

And, the number is rising by the semester, as countless Nigerian parents are confident a child studying in a Ghanaian university is sure to complete her/his programme on schedule, whereas, back home some students had spent seven years on a four-year programme, without graduating because of suspension of academic activities, consequent upon incidences of labour strikes, closure of schools over terrorists’ attacks and other incidents. [DailySun]

God have mercy! What an act!

16 thoughts on “Nigerian Student Cuts Off & Swallows His Manhood In Ghana

  1. Let us pray for him. He said he was under a spell, who will argue that.He needs our prayers God will help him

  2. Clear dis is sign of endtime or let me say endtime story.MY PEOPLE SECOND COMING IS AT HAND SO BE SOBER FOR DOSE THAT SLEEP SLEEP AT 9ite

  3. mayb d boi won use hm pennis do rituals. wu nos? u 4 allow all dos gals wen dy suck am mek dem chop m comot nah, so many ashawos dy die mek dem bite pennis commot nah.

  4. Nigerians are so foolish 2 d extent of uttering crazy words out of there bucal cavity. Any small incident all U̶̲̥̅̊ will say is we re getting 2 end of time. Una no sabi anoda english. Try and Orient urself. Can U̶̲̥̅̊ cut off Ūя̲̅ p**is 4 ritual?

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