Nigerian Student Who Graduated After Racist Lecturer Rejected Her Becomes A Star

eno mfon

July 29, 2016 – Nigerian Lady Who Graduated After Racist Lecturer Rejected Her Becomes An Internet Sensation

Meet Eno Mfon, a young Nigerian lady who has suddenly become an internet sensation after graduating from Bristol University in England.

The 21-year-old graduate hit back at a racist lecturer who told her that there was no space for black theatre makers on the curriculum.

Few days ago, Eno posted her graduation photo with a victory message after the said lecturer paid to watch her perform.

See what Eno Mfon wrote on her official IG page;

8 thoughts on “Nigerian Student Who Graduated After Racist Lecturer Rejected Her Becomes A Star

  1. Is good to be a haver of hope. Is good to not be listin to wetin enemy are say bicos they are not wanted make you better pass away them. Is not today wey I know say we are have sense pass away oyinbo bicos we are smoke igbo but they are smoke only siga and cocain and mary juliana. But we are smoke igbo and we are even smoke dog shit wey have dry or busucat shit wey have dry. Is make us to high and remember something.

  2. congratulations dear that life for u. Thank God u overcame and d lecture will keep paying to watch u. kudos dearie, thanks for making us proud.

  3. Wow that’s a good one, I don’t know when racism will become history, dis is an ongoing thing in most part of that country.

  4. Atta Girl!! That’s the way to go and By God’s Grace all Enemies of Naija progress shll be made our footstool IJN . Congratulations!!!

  5. Racism!!!
    @truce the fact remains that racism cannot vanish it can only be reduced… have you ever imagined why xenophobic still exists in south Africa (a situation where blacks kill fellow blacks). if this happens in Africa what are we to say about the white. The most funniest is that a black man will reject to marry a black woman with the excuse that he dont want his children to be black. my question is “is being black a sin”.

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