AFCON 2013: Nigeria Beats Mali To The Final With Score 4-1

nigeria vs mali match result

Feb 6, 2013 – AFCON 2013: Nigerian Super Eagles Beats Mali With 4-1; Qualifies For The Final

Congrats to the Nigerian Super Eagles for acing the match with Mali today.

Our boys did it with 4-1.

The exciting part: Super Eagles scored 3-0 in the first half

In the second half, Mali tried with 1.

Congrats Super Eagles!

African Nations Cup, Semi Final Match.
Nigeria (4) V Mali (1).

17 thoughts on “AFCON 2013: Nigeria Beats Mali To The Final With Score 4-1

  1. Kudos to the Super Eagles of Nigeria! Good Job, let’s keep it up to the final . .i’m so sure the cup is coming to Nigeria . .

  2. Wat is it????? Afta d money dey kolect’d, ar we supposed 2 expect less…….. nyway d nly way i cn fully attest 2 d fact dat Super Eagles ar nw Africa’s best z nly if dey cn beat d BLACK STARS OF GHANA, GBAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The power house of African football had shifted to West Africa. Seven West African countries namely: Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso,Togo, Cote Divoire, Mali and Cape Verde(Cape Verde Island is located between Gambia and Senegal with a popul;ation of 500,000 people)all amde it to the quater final. Where is lousy South Africa anyway ? pleanty talk with littel action.

    • What do u mean lousy South Africa?
      Everyday our police & army are deporting thousands of nigerian criminals out of our country with all your ills.

      Nigerians have brought misery and filthy crime into our SA and everywhere else.

  4. PLS SING THIS SONG IN UR OWN TONE: Super Eagles started with Bukinafaso and ended with Bukinafaso…the cup is coming to Naija!

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