Eniola Badmus Turns Twitter Expert; Reveals Age & Mother’s Death Detail

eniola badmus age

Feb 05, 2013 – Eniola Badmus Turns Twitter Expert; Reveals Age & Mother’s Death Detail

Nollywood’s bigz girl, Yoruba actress Eniola Badmus has suddenly turned herself into a Twitter question and answer guru.

The beautiful babe took to her Twitter page on January 31st, 2013 to satisfy her curious fans.

In the interactive question and answer session, Eniola Badmus reveals her real age is 26.

She also said she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s day because her mother died on February 14.

10 thoughts on “Eniola Badmus Turns Twitter Expert; Reveals Age & Mother’s Death Detail

  1. If u’re 26 with that size,sweet heart u’re in trouble .Pls kindly see the chemical anthology clinic in LUTH On a Thursday between 9am and 2pm.you are at a risk of so many ailments.That size of urs is baaaaaad.Fine u’ve got some genetics at play but the environmental factor that contribute to ur size are controllable.
    Pls patronize LUTH.

    • @Folake, pls try to be reasonable cos what u posted is not a good statement at all and as a matter of fact, it shows who u really are. Pls next time be more careful how u post comments cos ur judgment isn’t fare at all! God made her like that, so if there is any one u needed to question is “God” and if u insult her, u are definitely insulting God.

  2. Eniola Badmus, u are pretty than the prettiest! You are my Role Model!!! Your size don’t matters but ur character does. Sweet Africa Queen (Thick Madam )

  3. i cant bliev dts ur age:so amazing:anyway ur stature is nt bad:just make sure u watch ur diet nd ur weight so dt u can b fit.i love d way u carry ur body

  4. @happiness l do agree with you, for no reason should one discriminate,as long she is sound and healthy, and of it all she is happy within herself.Punt!!!

  5. I dont know why our so called movie celebrities likes adding to their age most especially d Yoruba industry. Eniola was my 4yrs Junior at AGGS I_Ode. I passed out in 1995 while she passed out in 1999. Her school mates and class mates at AGGS that are in yoruba industry are Tope Bailey and Tobi Awosoga. Eniola was in d School boarding house and was in Room-D throught out. How can Eniola b 36yrs while i will be 36yrs next yr cos she was so young and not really fat then?

  6. Adebewaji,please,clarify this very well.I attended the same AGGS,I-Ode. I was a year ahead of her,and I passed out in 1996.

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