Outrage As Nigerian Lecturer Calls Single Mothers Prostitutes During Lecture

 unilag lecturer call single mothers prostitutes

UNILAG Lecturer Who Called Single Mothers Prostitutes During Lecture Called Out By Angry Single Mom

A hardworking single mother, Rita Egwu has been left in a state of shock when a lecturer at the University of Lagos allegedly likened a single mother to a prostitute while delivering lecture.

According to Calabar-born Miss Egwu, the insensitive comment left her daughter in tears.

Here is how she called out the lecturer in question after her daughter broke the news to her:

“This is what a lecturer went to class to teach our children we sent to school to learn. This fool had to spoil my daughter’s day and made her cry by saying single mothers are prostitutes. If I pray that GOD visits him with evil now people will say I am wicked.”

nigerian lecturer calls single mother prostitute

This reportedly happened at the University of Lagos.

To all the single mothers out there, please do not listen to this kind of rubbish talk. You are not prostitutes. You are a valuable part of the society.

Kudos to you for taking up the roles of two people even when it’s not easy. Thanks for the being the shoulder your sons and daughters can lie on where there is no father in sight.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

It takes a woman with a heart of gold to carry out your duties. You are indeed a blessing to this world.

We love you all.

5 thoughts on “Outrage As Nigerian Lecturer Calls Single Mothers Prostitutes During Lecture

  1. Sorry is this lecturer’s name cause by the time the Nigerian association of single mothers finished with him, he would go on the national TV to tender apologies..

  2. This lecturer erred by calling single mothers prostitutes. Not all single mothers are single by choice. Some are single mothers by circumstance beyond their control and very few, very insignificant number are single by throwing themselves at any man with money and I hope these are the type the lecturer was referring to.

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