Dead Man Wakes Up During Burial In Warri Delta State Nigeria

dead man wakes up during burial warri delta state

Dead Man Wakes Up During Burial In Jeddo Warri Delta State… Man Shot Dead Wakes Up As Prayerful Mother Refuses To Give Up

The power of a praying mother came into manifestation in the wee hours of today in Delta state Nigeria after a man who was shot in the head suddenly woke up moments before his burial

According to eyewitnesses, the 25-year-old man simply identified as Akpo gave up the ghost after being shot at around 2am today.

As his family were getting ready to bury him, his prayerful mother who refused to give up ordered them to start praying.

Those who witnessed the miracle said Akpo woke up shortly after his casket arrived.

Akpo who was in the region of the dead for 7 hours woke up shortly before his burial.

dead man wakes up warri

He is currently at an undisclosed hospital in Jeddo area of Warri Delta state Nigeria at the time of this report.

Don’t underestimate the power of a praying mother.

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  1. I don’t just get it…yes there is power in prayer and God works in mysterious ways, but my question here is who confirmed this man was dead at the first place? and do they want to bury him after the shot in such a rush without any treatment? was he a Muslem? things didn’t add up here..

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