Nigerian Woman Declared Wanted For Lesbianism In Lagos

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Feb 5, 2013 – Nigerian Woman Declared Wanted By Police For Lesbianism In Lagos

A 31-year-old married Nigerian woman has been declared wanted by Lagos Police officials for her alleged involvement in Lesbianism.

We learnt the housewife identified as Obinna Stephanie Onyinye was caught in the act with another woman back in 2012 in Shasha area of Lagos.

Her case was reported to Afonka Police division.

According to police report, a man identified as Mr Akin who caught Stephanie and her Lesbian lover Akin Dorcas together filed a report at the aforementioned police station.

Investigation also revealed that the two lesbian lovers were always seen together before the revelation. Sources said efforts were on top gear to track Stephanie down.

Practicing same sex relationship or marriage is a crime that carries 14 year jail term in Nigeria.

11 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Declared Wanted For Lesbianism In Lagos

  1. na wa o naija hmmm una try well o bt jst stop it o bt our government should do sumfin abt dis dity shite dat jst happen o k ad even our govern’s wife do do it 2 may God realview dem all amen o.

  2. Dtz gud bt i tnk shld dere shld also b a law lik (death sentence) 4 d money squandering greedy politicians once dey r caught. Dis wil mk naija a beta country.

  3. Why are they spending their time on unnecessary things like this, you guys should be worry about your image abroad especially in the USA, this 419 issue is getting rampant in, most of my friends are afraid of nigerian s now, which is a big disgrace because everyone is different…. so I advice that the government focus on other essential issues than this.

  4. Is d bible 4bid such unclean act Leviticus 18:22.we hv oda 4biden act bt deal wit each 1 dat coms treat it wit justic nt 2 punish sm & free som.d earlier we deal wit such cases d better 4 our unborn children & generatn.GOD com 2 our aid in naija many tins r hapen only u cn save our nation 4rm coruptn,choes,anarchy & doom.GOD SAVE NAIJA

  5. This very good. I like this, and it will be a lesson for those practising such evil act. I pleased with the government to make it an effective and efficient law. @binutu. What are you talk abt??? See abt the corrution of a tin they are working very hard on that. Mind you corruption begins wit you and me. If i am not corrut and you not corrupt. We are going to liv peacefully. Not only an officier is corrupt. Corrupt start from even we the citizen.

  6. We shud all be careful,bcos the endtime the bible is talking about now,so those are devils work,we all know that dwvils work is to be looking for whom to divore,to kill,to steal and to distroy,so we all should be very strong in prayer and live a christ like life so that we’ll make heaven at last.

    • Y’all are living in the dark ages! There are a million things to concern yourselves about than what adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms! WAKE UP!

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