Nigerian Woman Who Used Menstruation Blood To Cook For Customers Ran Mad After Confession (Photos)

nigerian woman used menstrual blood to cook

June 12, 2013 – Restaurant (Buka) Owner Who Used Menstruation Blood & Water Used In Bathing Corpses To Cook For Customers Ran Mad After Confession (Pictures)

The story you are about to read is a true life story that happened in Port-Harcourt. It reveals the danger of eating at illegal bukas across town.

Please read this with an open mind. I hope you will learn one lesson or the other from it.

According to several eye witnesses, the lady pictured above hails from Akwa Ibom State.

She is the owner of a popular buka in Aleto, Eleme LGA of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

On this fateful day, we learnt she started behaving in a strange manager, she tore her clothes and began confessing on how she used charms to grow her business.

During her confession, she said she uses water used to bathe corpses with her food as well as water from her private part and menstruation blood.

She further confessed she used all these bizarre things to attract customers whose destinies she used in growing her business.

After the confession, she ran mad and ran into town naked confessing to everyone who cares to listen to her.

When the news of her confession reach her customers which include Okada riders in the area, angry mob descended on her and beat the hell out of her.

If not for the quick intervention of policemen in the area, she would have died.

The policemen took her away for investigation.

What a world we live in!

This is why I hate eating outside.

May God protect us all.

44 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Who Used Menstruation Blood To Cook For Customers Ran Mad After Confession (Photos)

  1. Its a true life story….i’m an eye witness. Wat a wicked woman! She said she washes d blud 4rm ha menses 2 prepare stew nd dat of corpses 2 cuk soup…Nemesis had caught up wit ha

  2. D evil dat men do, lives with them. She got wot she deserved. May God help n guide us all, Amen!

  3. This is just small punishment in this world,d one for d hereafter is much greater than this.May God protect us all.

  4. some people are so wicked? why will someone want to do something like that to people. I know when she see people eating her food, she just sat and laugh at them.

  5. O God, i fil like vomitin is dat wat she has don 2 so many pple, lord ve mercy on her, she has alowed d impresion of money 2 use her


  7. Serve her right but if dis will pass a lesson to people who are lazy to cook their food to mind how the eat outside

  8. a person should pray ever time they eat, so the lord can bless there food or drink, to protect them from harm and danger. but I think it was only the holy spirit
    that had her to repent. and that is why she was testifying. when you are playing around with the devil, he has a funny way of making everybody see were the sun does not shine. people make no mistake, know that evil is here. that is why you should be covered with the blood

  9. why ia only nigeria or black africa country u here bad news,colour of our skin is black our heart also is black,hope next world i come as white,cos we black are just to wicked.

  10. Why people r doin sumtin like that, to watch people eatin yo blood.
    Money is satan coz this is all about money. May God almighty save us all.

  11. Well that was too bad what has happened has happened I pray that nothing will happen to the innocent people that have been patronizing her let this be a lesson to all those who have been doing one ritual or another

  12. hey black pple…bcos of d money you did all dis.,u ar usin there stars…is allah dat can save us 4rm evil doers….all d pple dat doin all kind of thins are plenty in dis country….may almighty allah expose them 2 d world..

  13. Hmmm,i no fit talk. But if na person mek her to be dat way? Person may force evil power on her just to disgrace her. All they same, judge not .id rest my case

  14. It definitely could not have been an Akwa Ibom woman because the dishes in the photos are Yoruba dishes. Also, the average Akwa Ibom woman is an excellent cook and really doesn’t need to indulge in fetish things to convince customers pls carry out any kind of investigation to confirm this. I’ll bet she is not Akwa Ibom.

  15. No one should, of coursse do this. It’s just wrong. Using water that corpses were bathed in, is particulalry sick. If she wants to share the “magic” of menstruation, I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there, that are into that type of thing. Not right to do that to peoples food (not to mention any diseases that could be transmitted). SMH

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