Giant Snake Swallowed Woman Alive In South Africa (Photos)

snake eats woman alive in south africa

June 12, 2013 – Giant Snake Swallows Woman Alive In Durban, South Africa (Picture)

A South African Journalist, Linda Laina Nyatoro shared this scary picture on her Facebook page yesterday.

She said it happened very close to Durban North in South Africa.

According to her, the snake in the above picture swallowed a woman alive.

Though she didn’t provide further details but she said it’s true.

Below are some comments on Linda’s news yesterday;

Ras-MusimekiShelton Manyise Wa-ka Chidhiyani Yoh is ds real, dd u saw d snake live or 23 hours ago
Linda Laina Nyatoro Yes aha munhu arimukati 23 hours ago
Ras-MusimekiShelton Manyise Wa-ka Chidhiyani Hah guys, shato is very dangerous 2d kids not a teenager n above less than 10 22 hours ago
Meek Mila Donaldson Jesus 22 hours ago
Nobuhle Ncube iyoooooooooh ayayayayayiiiiiii shoooooo thts creepy… 22 hours ago
Tapiwa Njekenya Unbelievable 20 hours ago
Linda Laina Nyatoro Shame to the lady inside hey 19 hours ago
Robyn Faith Sibanda Tts a real big snake…poor lady 19 hours ago
Ntandazo Luthuli When ever u hear the sound# sssssssssssssssSssSss run 4 your life .
about an hour ago
Linda Laina Nyatoro Its true 20 minutes ago

25 thoughts on “Giant Snake Swallowed Woman Alive In South Africa (Photos)

  1. God! !! !!! Prove urself let the whole nation know dat u are the beggng and the end. God prove urself…….

  2. Im not shocked because the african rock python have being know to eat larger prey than that even the anaconda of south america have know to eat large boar or deer 10 Pound larger than humans so it nothing maybe she was unlucky Nigerian should rely watch documentaries to learn the animals around us

  3. Its a dedly snake l saw it happen one time in victoria falls when it swallowed a truck driver its so sad

  4. Are you really serious? Mere looking at the snake’s head, one would find it difficult to believe that a creature with such tiny head could swallow a human being just like that. I thought it bites and kills its prey via its poisonous venom and later eats the prey; I never knew it swallows large creatures too, and not small animals. God save us o!

    • It is rare, but surprising. I heard the whole story on this one. It may seem surprising what these serpents are capable of. This was on old snake, very large indeed. When they reach this age they are not capable of restricting their prey very easily. The poor girl involved was clearly overpowered, and the snake would have swallowed her alive.

  5. very funny, because the same picture with the man who got swollowed, so freaken fake. Shes messing around people, look up drunk man swollowed by snake, same pic, so that ones fake

  6. First of all, because of the way humans are shaped, even the largest python cannot swallow a fully grown human being, they can start with the head but not beyond that this is because of the shoulder… so this is definitely a hoax

    • Snakes are capable of swallowing feet first. Large pythons like this can swallow entirely starting from the head.

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