Nigerians Are The Most Sexually Satisfied In The World – Survey

most sexually satisfied nation nigeria

July 17, 2012 – Nigerians Are The Most Sexually Satisfied In The World – Survey

A new survey carried out by Durex condom manufacturer revealed that Nigerians are the most sexually satisfied people in the world.

After questioning over 26,000 respondents in 26 different countries about different aspect of their sex lives , the survey came up with the following list.

Most Sexually Satisfied Nations Of The World

  1. Nigeria – 67%
  2. Mexico – 63 %
  3. India – 61%
  4. Poland – 54%
  5. Malaysia – 38%
  6. Japan – 15%

“On average, South Africans have sex 120 times a year — considerably more than the global average of 103. It is the sexed-up Greeks who have the most sex, at 164 times a year, with Brazil next (145), followed by Poland and Russia (both 143). “The Japanese are the least sexually active nation, Being Intimate just 48 times a year,” Durex said.

South Africans also spend more time actually being Intimate, with sessions lasting an average 20 minutes, compared with the 18-minute world average, the survey found.

“The Nigerians take the longest time over sex, at 24 minutes per session, while Indians have the quickest sex, at 13 minutes.”

Interesting survey!

33 thoughts on “Nigerians Are The Most Sexually Satisfied In The World – Survey

  1. 9ija, sex na our bfast, lunch and dinner!! We prefer it 2 food. Ask our elders, they knw wht i’m talkn abt, evrybodi in 9ija learns faster on d issue of sex than any other thing. 9ijans are sex machines!!

  2. nigerians have 65per unemployed people which cause them to have time to sit down and think of sex always** an idle mind is d devils work shop** am nt supprised

  3. haba,Nigerian have the highest percentage in SEX matter.why?if we are the last in security,first in curruption and highest nos of unemployed,then nigerian should have enough time 4SEX.Am not suprised

  4. Nigerians are bn known 4 having sex because of d way d were being trained.NIGERIANS Still live wit d mentality dat sex is the ultimate and dat woman are just wonderful instrument for entertainment.

  5. I won’t blame dis people,dis is their own opinion. I disagree on dis issue. NIGERIA IS NOT MOST SEXUALLY SATISFIED COUNTRY. Lets look other country like Sierra Leone.hahahahaha!

  6. Dtz a big,fat lie….hw can naija b? Wat abt d americans,italians,jamaicans nd even d lebanons… Omo make dey use dere head o..

  7. Pls 9ja let live dis act of sexual imoralities is nt gud.even bible talk am.most of dis is ben done by our youth.nd am callin our youth pls stop it very soon ur goin to get ur wife’s nd enjoy it

  8. Can smthing gud ever be found in nigeria? I pray 4 Gods intervention in dis country,if nt we are finished 4 life.

  9. This can be through that we are better off the white & ghanians in ***,i will say they are only saying this bcos we nigerians luv listening to rumor

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