Nigerians Attacked In Pretoria & Johannesburg South Africa By Gangs & Taxi Drivers

nigerians attacked south africa

April 5, 2014 – Nigerians Attacked In Pretoria & Johannesburg South Africa By Gangs & Taxi Drivers

Some Nigerian businessmen were brutally attacked this past Wednesday and Thursday in Pretoria and Johannesburg by gang members and commercial Taxi drivers.

The haters destroyed over 25 shops and wounded many Nigerians in the attack.

According to Nigerian residents who survived the attack, at least 10 people are currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital with many battling to stay alive.

Nigerian Union President in South Africa, Mr IK Anyene said the attack started last week in Johannesburg and was recently extended to Pretoria.

Mr IK said the South African citizens accused the Nigerians of selling illegal drugs to South Africans.

Here is an official PR about the attack:

“Officials of Nigerian mission in South Africa and Union officers went round yesterday to assess the extent of damage done to business centres and shops owned by Nigerians. In Pretoria, 25 shops belonging to Nigerians were attacked and looted by the gang. Ten Nigerians are now receiving treatment in some hospitals while one of them is still in coma. We have reported the incident to the police in the central business district of Pretoria, where the bulk of the attacks took place. The South African police have made entry on our report and pledged to investigate the attacks. We have also appealed to our people (Nigerians) to be calm and law abiding because the Union and the Nigerian mission were handling the situation. As we speak, we have not recorded any attack today, April 4, and everywhere is calm.

Signed By Mr IK Anyene

Date: April 4, 2014.

Why are Nigerians hated in South Africa? This attack is becoming too much.

6 thoughts on “Nigerians Attacked In Pretoria & Johannesburg South Africa By Gangs & Taxi Drivers

    • It’s not just Nigerians -they are just haters of their fellow black brothers full stop.
      Zimbabweans,Zambians any African who is not South African is targeted. These are ignorant SA who choose to forget how our countries acommodated them during apartheid-

  1. why must black fight black my people or because madi is dead you s.african want to distroy the peace thier right. please no fighting no matter what? we all are one ,dont mind the color. please because vengance can never settle a fight .please african think, nigerian are not bad people . its just our Goverment .i wish NIGERIA a quick recovery

  2. These people re so fond of attacking Nigerians don’t know y cld it be jealously is not fair at all I pray action is taking quickly before it gets out of hand cos there lots of Nigerians there.

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