Nigerians Beware Of Bogus Seminars !


seminars in nigeria

July 15, 2012 – Nigerians Beware Of Bogus Seminars !

We got email from our website users today about all these bogus seminars going on in Lagos and Abuja lately.

We were asked to confirm the authenticity (Sorry we can’t endorse any of these seminars). Everybody is desperate to make quick money nowadays.

These corporate scammers will use anything to get money from you.

I heard you have to pay N5500 or so to learn how to blog. To make matters worst, they titled it “*** Think You Can Blog”

Nigerians have become targets of recent scams in corporate cover since the early wake of Forex.

Just a quick note, anybody can blog without paying a dime.

Internet marketing courses are online for free if you search on Google.

You’ve got to beware of these thieves in corporate covers using some Naija Bloggers to dupe you.

Keep in mind that these bloggers are paid between N50 to 70K to represent them.

Beware of scammers!