Nigerians Query Dino Melaye’s Source Of Income For Showing Off Exotic Cars In His Garage

dino melaye source of income

Oct 8, 2017 – Nigerians Query Dino Melaye’s Source Of Income After He Showed Off Exotic Cars In His Garage

“Ajekun Iya” Senator on Saturday shared photos of some exotic cars parked in his garage with the caption “My Toys. May Passion Noni! Talk Oya talk”

The controversial senator got some citizens talking for showing off his material acquisition on the social media.

A Ferarri, Rolls Royce, G-Wagon, Bentley were among the luxury cars in his garage.

9 thoughts on “Nigerians Query Dino Melaye’s Source Of Income For Showing Off Exotic Cars In His Garage

  1. its high time Nigerians demand for politicians salary to be disclose publicly ,these fools in office can be sitting on Nigeria wealth while 70% of its citizens are poor. I suggest Nigerians should come together kidnap and assasinate any corrupt politician, U can’t be showing off while guys are broke. kilo shele? How

  2. Melaye is vulgarity redefined. He cannot but demonstrate his lack of decency from time to time. Or how do you explain this ostentation in a third world,corruption- ridden country like Nigeria? What do you expect from a senator who had always had his cake and eaten it:he was begged to graduate after about 10 years in a university where he had become a cancerous menace. Now he is in the senate, dictating and rewriting regulations that should govern a serving senator. He knows that his recall process will not yield anything till he has finished his term. If I were Melaye, I would not hesitate to show my disdain for the constituted authority, to all that is fair and just and to my ‘enemies’: afterall , I have always got away with it.

  3. All of them at both the house of rep and Nigerian senate are looters. These corrupt bastard earned 10 times amount of money in dollars paid yearly to the most recognized and busiest senate-the U.S legislations in the world. That is why they cannot declear their salaries and allowances in billion s of naira to Nigerians. But a shameless nation.

  4. He should be investigates and, if found guilty of swindling, sent to jail for 50 years. Frankly, Independence merely resulted in Nigerian exchanging White crooks for Black ones.

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