Nigerians Should Not Expect CHANGE In Nigeria, On Their Doorsteps Via DHL Delivery


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June 20, 2015 – Nigerians Should Not Expect CHANGE In Nigeria, On Their Doorsteps Via DHL Delivery

There is no world of Utopia-and Nigeria is no exception. The earlier we Nigerians begin to realise the CHANGE that we are all earnestly craving for, will NEVER come to our doorsteps via DHL delivery, the better and the wiser we will all become in future. Change can only come to us, if we as individuals, especially the youth of this nation start to take some actions by having their destinies in their own hands and through their actions CHANGE would occur.

Let us compare some of the past countries that have had revolution/CHANGE in their governance i.e Egypt,Libya and Burkina Faso –we will see that they all have one thing in common the “Will-power of the people”.

The late Thomas Sankara once said; “You cannot carry out fundamental CHANGE without a certain amount of madness”.

The late M.K.O Abiola also said; “No new born baby is born without seeing blood”.

The late Fela Anikulapo –Kuti also stated…. in one of his songs “suffering and smiling” that Nigerians, love to suffer and smile, Fela went on to describe the character of the average Nigerian-which he described as very timid…according to Fela,when you ask an average Nigerian to stage a protest he would say.. “I no wan die now, my mama dey for house my papa dey for house- I wan build house I no wan quench”. This unfortunately is the mindset of an average Nigerian.

So until the youths and the entire oppressed populace of this great nation called Nigeria, begin to say “NO” to bad leadership and governance, and also be ready to lay down our lives for CHANGE! that change we all yearn for, will continue to elude us. Hence the likes of Bukola Saraki,Babaginda,Abdul Salam

Abubakar,Obasanjo and the rest of these corrupt cabals will continue to rule us through; usurping power thus denying us our God given rights as individuals.

Let the youths and concerned oppressed Nigerian begin to form opposition rallies and stage protests-let us all allow our voices to be heard .That is the CHANGE that will CHANGE Nigeria for good rather than us expecting CHANGE by DHL delivery on our doorsteps.

Buhari,has good intentions for this country but-he cannot do this CHANGE agenda alone, especially with Saraki, as the senate president. I totally agree with the assertions of Prof Pat Utomi that the PDP have completely hijacked the CHANGE agenda from APC and Buhari.(No thanks to Bukola Saraki and his corrupt gang).

The question that should be on everyone’s lips is this; what are we doing as individuals to CHANGE this country?

God bless Nigeria!
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