Nollywood Actor Ernest Asuzu Not Dead – AGN Debunks Death Rumour

ernest asuzu dead

April 4, 2016 – Nigerian Actor Ernest Asuzu Not Dead – AGN Debunks Another Death Rumour

Nollywood actor Ernest Asuzu who reportedly suffered stroke a while back was reported to have died on Friday.

However, the AGN has debunked the death rumour.

The Nollywood actor who died on Friday in Asaba is Ceejay Perez Hills.

Here is a what a top AGN executive said about Mr Asuzu’s death rumour:

 “I spoke with Ernest on Wednesday. He is not dead. But if there is another story of death coming out yesterday from Asaba, I will investigate and get back to you.”

is ernest asuzu dead or alive

The actor himself is yet to debunk the death rumour.

11 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Ernest Asuzu Not Dead – AGN Debunks Death Rumour

  1. I thing people should be able to know when a news is coming from the pit of hell concerning anybody.

    People should be certain of a fact before they sell it out as a news that will in turn spoil our day.

    Ernest, I dont want you death yet. you will leave long my guy, say about 90 more years. Haters, steer clear. We know that death is inevitable but by the grace of God, its not yet your time.

    The strolling Hunter is on the move again…..

  2. This one that people are announcing Actor Asuzu’s death, if he’s alive, its a bad omen. He should debunk the news and start praying/fasting for his life. I have said mine oo.

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