Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi: My Mother Is Worried That I’m Single At 38

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Dec 15, 2014 – Nigerian Actor Nonso Diobi: My Mum Is Worried That I’m Single At 38

Nollywood actor Nonso Diobi is under extreme pressure to bring a wife home as he clocks 38.

According to the movie star, his mama is very worried that he ‘s yet to bring a woman home or talk marriage at his age.

While revealing the level of pressure his mother mounted on him, the actor said,  ‘My mum was going through my phone contacts this morning and she concentrated more on d female contacts wondering why I’m still single…. Lol.’

Nonso Diobi joined Nollywood in 2001 after starring in a movie titled Border Line.

Is anything bad in being single at his age?

16 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi: My Mother Is Worried That I’m Single At 38

  1. See the ****** people saying try n get married. Wen they rush in n it fails,u be the first ones to throw stones,marriage is not for everybody o.

  2. My dear,marriage is no child’s play so don’t allow even ur mum to push u into it.becos if u rush in u will rush ur tym and may God giv u divine directns too…gudluck in findin d ONE

  3. Yes bros there is an evil forces behind your life go get deliverance. Not good to marry late because men lost their sex drive after 50. they can not perform more than ones a week as such not able to satisfy their wives and wives who married old men if they are not strong in God can go cheating as such causing more problem to their marital home bring more forces.

    Men get married at early stage and satisfy your wife well before you both become old. Most of us women suffer these problems because we married old men but than God we can deal with it knowing Jesus.

  4. Time will come for him to decide when to marry, however, the fact is that you can not force a horse to drink water when it does not want period.

  5. Bros i Pray make u no come like snake that pass tree without trespass now any body that sixty should be thanking the creator nowadays or do you want to 50 before you get married i sorry for you, you better find solution before is to late you. time wait for no body (time is going Tick talk)

  6. Your mum worried because if you go past 50 your sex drive will become limited or go down drain. this will be because of age, weight or other issues. So hurry up go to God find that Mrs right. There are many good ones in the village. Not from your industry.

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