Nollywood Actor Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri Says Women Give Him Money To Show Appreciation

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April 16, 2016 – Married Nollywood Actor Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri Says Female Fans Give Him Money To Show Appreciation

In a recent TV interview monitored by, Nollywood actor Sanyeri raised eyebrows when he talked about the way his female fans show appreciation towards him.

When asked how women have been showing their appreciation, the controversial actor said:

“Most of the women who appreciate me actually give me money. Maybe because they all know me as a comedian, it hasn’t struck anyone of them to offer me anything other than money. There’s never been anything amorous.

There were a few occasions when ladies had picked me up and said they were going to surprise their spouses (on their birthdays or special occasions) with my presence and they paid for that.”

The alleged Nollywood ladies man who allegedly impregnated one of his interns about two years ago is not in good terms with his wife.

Though he lavishes money on her, insiders alleged that they are always fighting over infidelity allegations.

11 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri Says Women Give Him Money To Show Appreciation

  1. If you are the type that women always hover around and you know you are a married man…then you better watch it bcos the end to a sweet relationship with your wife is near. Women are unpredicable!

    My strolling continues….

  2. nollywood or yoruwood..
    upon all my verse knowledge in d nollywood industry i don’t even know him which i believe is bcos i don’t watch yoruba movies..

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