Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu Blasts Tonto Dikeh’s Husband & Men Cheating On Their Wives

Uche Maduagwu

January 15, 2017 – Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu Blasts Tonto Dikeh’s Husband & Immature Men Cheating On Their Wives

Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu took to the social media earlier today to write some words of encouragement for Tonto Dikeh and other female celebrities who have suffered heartbreak in their marriage.

Using Tonto Dikeh as a case study, Maduagwu blasted her husband, Oladunni Churchill for engaging the actress in a “fast food marriage”.

Check out his IG posts below and see Tonto Dikeh’s response after:

8 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu Blasts Tonto Dikeh’s Husband & Men Cheating On Their Wives

  1. This lady invited unforeseen calamity to herself. What Tonto Dikeh did to that family is totally against the practical value and what marriage institution stands for. A woman who dissect,snatch and finally marry someone’s husband will meet disappointment. Such person that acts as an asunder to people’s marriage will not go unpunished. Any woman that does that should expects more trouble,affliction,scourge and mischance to come her way. The high value taste and excessive preferences of men Tonto Dikeh has,unfortunately led her to the marriage crash. Certainly their are more than enough men who has what it takes to take good care of a woman like her but unfortunately the married man appealed to Tonto Dikeh more than the single ones. The undisputed truth is that, standing in the way of happily married people and hijacking people’s husband will surely have it painful consequences. So single ladies should learn from her sad experience and example. I can’t say of muslim though but for christian ladies DONT DATE ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND its dangerous.

  2. Tonto you don’t have to be in so much bad mood dear just think is your husband mistake and take heart try to over-look it because of the blessing fruit between you guys and settle down with your man. if you break-up and re-marry that one can do the worsted thing than the previous one.
    May Alimghty be with you Good woman.
    We your fans love you so much.

  3. Miss Churchill thief, please i beg you with God’s name to return this man to Tonto the way you found him biko, for the sake of their son.
    This man actually tamed the beast in this woman and made her a better lady and wife. I don’t want her back to the raw/wild girl ever again.
    Our greatgrandparents will be turning in their graves or anyway they are right now from the way our generations abuse marriage and what is supposed to be.

    Beautiful write-up, very beautiful. The problem with majority of men is that they don’t value WOMEN THAT ARE REAL!
    Some love those that give them hard time and make them slaves in their own skin.
    Never fall in love with a BOY because they believe the world is at their feet. Mind you , he can be 50 and still act like a 16 year old while a 20 can be the real man mentally.
    Finally, who do we blame for this madness?
    Well, close your fucking legs to married dogs ladies. Whatever made the first wife leave will definitely show you the way out.
    Dont get married if you’re not mentally ready and marry for the right reason not what comes with the marriage.
    ???????????? FOR THOSE THAT HAVE BEING MARRIED FOR 20 years plus and still going strong!
    How do you do it?

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