Nollywood Actress Bidemi Kosoko Opens Up On Wedding Plan, Says She’s Getting Married Soon

bidemi kosoko wedding

Oct 14, 2015 – Nigerian Actress Bidemi Kosoko Opens Up On Wedding Plan, Says She’s Getting Married Soon

See excerpts from this recent interview veteran Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko’s daughter, Bidemi granted to The Nation.

How does it feel to be Jide Kosoko’s daughter? My dad is my dad, of course, so I feel great to be his child, and I am proud of him any day any time.

Has his name opened doors for you?

Yes, it has in several ways in my career. My acting career started with my dad because when I started people usually used me in their movies because they knew there is one of Jide Kosoko’s daughters who acts. At that time, I won’t say it was because of my talent but because of the name, so the more they came to use me in their movies, the more I learnt, and got better. So, I will say the name has actually opened doors for me, even till now. Although people now call me for their movies because of my talent, some still call me because of the name. But the truth is it has opened doors for me.

How was growing up like considering the fact that you are a daughter of a legendary actor?

It was nice, very nice but you know all roads cannot be smooth as you will always have potholes one way or the other. It has advantages and disadvantages because there are times that people expect more from me because I am Jide Kosoko’s daughter. Even when it comes to some gatherings that have to do with finance they will expect me to drop one million naira, and I would wonder if they want to kill me because I can’t go to the bank and tell them “I am Jide Kosoko’s daughter” and collect money, it’s not possible. So it has its own disadvantages, but I am happy to be where I am today and who I am.

I remember while growing I was a very stubborn and troublesome girl. Many still avoid me because they feel my dad will arrest them if they touch me, and with that I will still act like I have some kind of power somewhere, but all that is gone now.

What else do you do aside acting?

Well, I am a hairdresser, I have a salon of my own, apart from which, I make hair very well, nails; pedicure and manicure.

We’ve seen actresses go the extra mile to get movie roles; will you do such?

No, I won’t. I have never done such, and I never will. I don’t have to date marketers or producers to get roles, because I believe in my talent, and with prayers I know everything will work in my favour. It’s not a do or die affair. It is my profession, so definitely I will want good jobs that people will say, “Wow, she acted in this film,” but I won’t go to the extent of sleeping around because of roles.

What about flaunting your body in movies?

Everybody who watches my movies very well knows that I don’t really do such.

Is it because of your background?

No, it’s not because of my background, but my nature, the kind of person I am. Although there are some roles that demand that your dressing depict your character; like if I am acting as a slut, or a ‘runs’ girl I will have to put on something little revealing to depict the character. It’s not possible for me to be playing a role of a slut and be dressed like a pastor. I’m sure people won’t buy it, so when it comes to doing my job I can wear anything, but it is still limited.

Are you also into movie production?

Yes I am a producer, but I have only produced one movie although the movie is yet to be released, it should be out by next month. I will be shooting the second one soon.

Do actors go into movie production in order to reduce the cost of production?

No, it doesn’t even reduce anything because you still have to pay actors, and the rest of the crew. I am not really a freak when it comes to producing because I should have started producing a long time ago, as I have a lot of stories and I am not ready to give these stories to anybody, which is why I want to produce them myself. They are stories that people will appreciate, they are educative stories.

What’s your greatest fear?

The only thing I worry about now is piracy; I just pray they don’t kill the industry totally because they have already almost killed it.

How was it like growing up in a polygamous home?

Nobody likes it. The truth is that I have a wonderful father; he knows how to take care of his family, and he knows how to put everybody on the right track. If you visited my house while I was growing you won’t even know you were in a polygamous home because it was peaceful. I grew up with my step mothers, and step sisters and I love every one of them, as much as I love myself; we are one, kudos to my dad.

Are you getting married soon?

Yes, soon by God’s grace.

But you have a man in your life now?

Why won’t I have a man at my age? Of course I have a man. In fact I am getting married late because I thought I would have gotten married long before now, like when I was 25years old. So for me not to be married now is something else, but as you know man proposes but God disposes.

bidemi kosoko wedding

You are putting on weight??

I intentionally added more weight because I was too small and I didn’t like it.


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  1. Bidemi is also not saying in one place,is she not d one said she can never marry an actor before but u are now dynamic,but me cant advice u not to marry chatta bcuz hv never move closer to him before to knw his behaviours and cant just judge with his acting,so daht is d fact

  2. Bidemi is also not saying in one place,is she not d one said she can never marry an actor before but u are now dynamic,but me cant advice u not to marry chatta bcuz hv never move closer to him before to knw his behaviours and cant just judge with his acting,so daht is d fact ooo

  3. i wish you marry a responsible hubby,and almighty Allah will guide both of you.GOOD LUCK.

  4. Not 2 bad o bidemi,u can marry chatta,There is ntin bad in it,may almighty allah assist u………..

  5. Pls Bidemi don’t marry chitta I really appreciate you in industry abeg be careful about actor and shine ur face so dat ur own home won’t crash like some actress which I won’t mention their names Pls oooo!!!

  6. Bidemi I wish u can marry me,cos ave been dreaming abt u 4 a long time,bidemi I wish u could be my wife

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    Jesus is lord..
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