Omotola Jalade Interviewed On CNN Africa

omotola jalade cnn interview

December 16, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Omotola Jalade Interviewed On CNN Africa (Pictures)

Nollywood beauty queen Omotola Jalade Ekeinde did an interview today on CNN Africa.

The mother of four was interviewed by Vladimir Duthiers for CNN African Voices this morning.

Her sexy dress was designed by Iconic Vanity.

Isn’t she gorgeous in that outfit. Omosexy all the way!

Check out another photo below

omotola jalade iconic vanity

Check out her pink shoes…. I love it.

Will bring you the interview details shortly.

13 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Interviewed On CNN Africa

  1. Omotola why do u love to compete with Genny
    She was the first person to go there and now u hv lobbied your way through
    Be real for ones

    • Juliet Ogonna, you probably didn’t sleep well yesternight so your mind is working ante-commonsense, maybe you think CNN is for people of the East so the TV programme is an exclusive preserve of Genevive & Co.
      The last time Genevieve granted interview on CNN; did you not hear her say “Lagos is like America” In your estimation Ogonna how do you accept such blunder on an International platform, comparing mango and orange.? Genevieve indeed.

    • Because you can not stand success and it baffles you how some one can get to the top of her career.Embrace success so that it can come your way.You don’t have to be her fan,just appreciate her hustle.That easy.

  2. Most of her critics ar either in secondary sch or primary when she came into limelight.hw on earth can u pple blabla like dat..she has arived.plz pray 4 ur community to know ur names b4 u make noise

  3. Omotola my Africa wonder woman,how on earth did this beautiful woman takes care of her business and still keep her marriage and family in tact.She is one in a million,you will know you are somebody and well known when people talk about not easy at all when you are very beautiful because that alone will make you the worst hatred person and if you make the mistake of been successful you are finished because you become overnight prostitute.shine on omotala you are blessed.mama,I hate your dres,there is so many things going on there and red can’t grab one.lose the top please.

  4. Habaaa wat has she done to u all?dnt talk about sum one u barely knw lk dat.put ur slf in her place,every dam fin abut her is ok she is perfect in her own way.she is nt competing wth any body she is doing her tin her own way n she is being appreciated.

  5. I AM SURPRISING ABOUT ALL THIS INTERVIWE OR SO KIND OF NOISE BECAUSE WHAT THIS WOMEN SHE DID FOR NIGERIA? all those women they are promoting themselve only i am tired about all this nonsense

  6. How come omo leg come black while her face yellow, nawahoooooo, evidence of bleaching or I no see well? Omotola take it easy with this your bleaching.Your leg is an evidence. meanwhile you try this time by wearing something that did not expose your boobs

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