Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus Clocks 35! Happy Birthday

stella damasus age

April 25, 2013 – Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus Clocks 35! Happy Birthday

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has clocked 35.

Stella Damasus Age, Date Of Birth

The alleged husband-snatcher who was born in Asaba Delta state on the 24th of April 1978 grew up in Benin city, Edo State.

She has been a popular face in Nollywood since she started in 2004.

She became a widow at age 26 after the death of her first hubby, Jaiye Aboderin who passed away of heart attack in December 2004.

stella damasus birthday

Her second marriage with Emeka Nzeribe crashed shortly after their marriage few years back.

The mother of two has found love in the heart of a fellow actress’s husband, Daniel Ademonikan. The lovers got married secretly this year.

In 2009, she won ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ nomination at the African Movie Academy Awards, (AMAA).

Apart from acting, she is also a motivational speaker and a writer who has encouraged several of her fans worldwide.

Wishing her many happy returns

11 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus Clocks 35! Happy Birthday

  1. Estee i thought u r older dan 35.I still rememba how u & Jaiye (RIP) used 2 rock jazzville in d 90s wt ur favorite Celine Dion’s “I’m ur lady”.How old were u den?& u’ve bn in d industry prior 2004.A beg make una stop all deze lies.Rope no gud 4 fowl neck.Hapi bday.

  2. First of all HBD LLNP
    Real truth
    Stella , don’t you think iit is high time you sit down nd reflect on your life as a whole icluding motherhood , marriages etc. . At 35yrs , u are married three times , if you are not learned , i would have think it is normal . Honestly , what kind of image are protuding to ur children . you carry them to Zeribe , house , called him daddy for a while , tell them say he no good again , carry them to ademokun again , how would you be sure that this guy will be will stay another 5years . why can;t you just take your time before you end up with unlasting relationship . you have the money , se na prick , you can buy it at anytime , why rush into another one ?.
    Come to look at it , your rating in nollywood has been going down due to your attitude towards men or prick i go call am .
    For the sake of your childrenn , pls keep all this shame , cos it will be disgraceful to calling many men dadddy. you think they are still small. you are joking , wait till they are 16 , you will be surprise the way their mate will be laughing at them due to you attitudes .
    How can u snatch your mate husband , it is not dignifying the way you met this guy. Yet yo both denied it when it all started , now married . you have just displaced a child life . it is not her faults that yopu lost your husbands , why must you displaced her life and her son . what you did is not good . Ask you children , they will tell you the truth . Anyway , you used what you have to get what you want.
    Your mama no dey talk to you about men , marriage and life ?
    You see this new guy, it is a mattter of time , he will soon leave you .He is a hungry lion , we all know that for sure . he Preys on celebrity .
    I n about 5year , it will be husband No5. It pity you , u better slow down
    Come to think of it there are so many cumcubent before Nzeribe and after , whhhhyyyy
    Your market dey sell o

  3. awwww,stella u cnt break someone’s marriage nd think u wuld enjoy urs,please do turn away from dat satanic wayz,u ve ur kids to take care,cuz those men just suck ur juice nd let go,cuz if u aint careful same wuld b done to ur kids,cuz i see u dnt ve a conscience,hbd

  4. Stella happy birthday wishing you llnp.
    Wow Stella I don’t really watch naija movies but when i eventually do you are one of those i look out for. I believe one man one women till death. In any case if Daniel and Doris are legally divorced then you can go ahead with him but please if there are not kindly as a matter of urgently rethink about your marrying him. You have a full life ahead of you, you are pretty and i believe we still have responsible Nigerian that would have you for their wife. to add insult to an injury your fellow mate in the film industry(Doris)na why O! and you are the one advocating for woman/child right haba! Lets practice what we preach lest we become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. Sha I still love u all the best Stella!

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