Nollywood Actress Uche Iwuji Celebrates Marriage Crash “I’m Free Like A Bird”

uche iwuji marriage crashed

Feb 11, 2014 – Nigerian Actress Uche Iwuji Celebrates Marriage Crash “I’m Free Like A Bird”

Just like Chika Ike who celebrated her divorce last year by travelling to the United States of America, another Nollywood actress whose marriage recently hits the rocks has started jubilating.

The lady in question is Uche Iwuji who has separated from her husband of less than two years, Juwon Lawal.

Uche Iwuji recently shared these pictures and captioned them “free like a bird”.

See photos of the excited actress:

Uche Iwuji gave birth to a baby boy last year August, exactly 8 months after her legal wedding. She seems to be enjoying single motherhood.

31 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Uche Iwuji Celebrates Marriage Crash “I’m Free Like A Bird”

  1. I respect Omotola Jalade of all the ladies in Nollywood. All these new actresses are nothing but professional prostitutes and politician escorts
    Uche u get no shame?

  2. Yea yea u are, now u can hop with a bird one place to other. Make go settle ur home and leave media alone before their destroy u. Biko.

  3. All this actors and actresses are just shamless. There is notn abt ther marriage that suprises me. If you knw that you want to be free like a bird,why going into the marriage at the first place. All of them are into contract marriages. Fools

  4. Ladies are out there trying to get married and keep up with their husband, but you are here saying u are free like a bird from your marriage. You need to check urself

  5. Uche nwanyi oma as a married lady and mother which u are one please go and make ur home work no perfect marriage. Forget oyibo forming u guyz are imitating. U be igbo and a Christian so many destiny are tied to urs. Don’t disappoint destiny. Pls nwa oma .

  6. uche plz send me ur phone number let me gives u a free food like a free bird,Idiot start begging ur God and ur babyboy cos he can never forgive u and am sure u know men dey dont forgive or to forget.

  7. Like the Gay and Lesbian; govt has to checkmate the activities of these so call Nollywood stars before our African culture useless. There are a lot of Western influence in Nollywood which is detrimental to our culture. Sharia laws shoul be introduce in the south.

  8. uche you are notin but a fool. you are rejoicing over a marriage you broke. IDIOT. is only ur parents i pity bcos u r notin but a shameless and worthless being to them. your son is not left out bcos he wont forgive wen he grows up. is not as if the man beats u or cheats on u but u chose to cheat on him. you will suffer this disgrace forever bcos evry decent woman dreads a divorcee, no one wants to keep them as friend. so keep flying in the air like a bird bcos that is where you would forever remain. ANU OHIA

  9. Please if you know you are going in to look and return back to the labour market of marriage…. forget and let those who are truely meant for these men you are breaking their heart find them and be married to them forever. God did not create marriage for crash it is for better for stay and for worse for stay. there was no where it was recorded in the bible that Adam left or divoiced Eve after she luied him into the sin of disobedience. So ladies be you an actress, celebrity or whatever keep your vows secred no matter what because God is not happy and also you people are not leading by examples.

  10. Free like a bird indeed, now you can hop from one man to the other. It is when you are old that you will face the bitter reality of hop hop hop! Sorry for you

  11. Uche, Marriage i know is not bondage, you are the only person that will make ur marriage what u want it to be, go back to ur husband and make peace with him, celebrating ur crashed marriage is not the best, ur marriage can still workout if you call upon God, remember what the bible says (Matthew 19:4-6).

  12. Look@her.. She’s even happy 2 make it official.. She’s with a baby boy.. Wah u qonna tell em wen he qrows? No matter how free u re OR how u think wah u doinq is riqht, as lonq as u re leqally married in front of a priest/pastor+conqreqation, it must surely hunt u bck.. D worst wen u actually d real qenesis of D divorce.. Many ladies out there will do err thinq possible 2 make their marraiqe work.. Wah God joins 2qeda, no man or circumstances can put asunder.. Its never late 2 think twice.. Atleast 4 d sake of your baby

  13. The only advice i can give you is to go back and change for good.That you are celebrating your failed marriage,certainly depicts of a mental defects.What then gives you JOY and fulfillment as a woman? Is’t hopping from one bird to the other;Or sticking to one bird? All this your shout about being a ;” free bird “is a sham,and will add more salt to your injury.Go back and turn a new leaf and embrace God who made you!

  14. THIS Lady should think twins while celebrating her divorce stuff, already she has a child with her ex husband, will she be divorcing all her husband after giving them a child, at her age, where is she heading to, and what does want to prove, a nollywood divorcee on rampage or what, pls tell her she not not 18 or younger at age.

  15. Foolish girl, free like a bird, why did u open ur eyes to tie the knot. Did i blindfold u? So why cum here to tell me, u free like a bird. U back on the streets and here ul c the streets aint smiling, meaning No Husband.

  16. you are free like a bird, can you hear your self? birds do have respect for the law of nature that is, God but you do not have respect for Gods law. it is very wrong compairing yourself to the birds because you have no moral man will hear you say this and still approach you for marriage tomorow.keep fooling yourself.

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