Nollywood Celebrities Rock Abuja International Film Festival 2013 (Photos)

abuja international film festival 2013

Sept 25, 2013 – Nigerian Celebrities Rock Abuja International Film Festival 2013 (Pictures)

Abuja International Film Festival 2013, a 4-day event officially opens yesterday, the 24th of September.

Popular Nollywood celebrities who graced the event include; Emeka Ossai, Charles Novia, Segun Arinze and many others.

Kano State Governor Rabiu Musa Kwakwanso donated 1 million naira at the festival opening yesterday.

governor rabiu donates 1 million naira in abujaGovernor Kwakwanso at the event

He claims the donation is to support the passion and keep up the energy with which the team had consistently organized the film festival in the past ten years.

The event will continue today at the Silverbird Cinema in Abuja till Friday.

Here are more photos from the event;

abuja international film festivalEmeka Ossai

[Photo Credit: Movie Moment]

8 thoughts on “Nollywood Celebrities Rock Abuja International Film Festival 2013 (Photos)

  1. Thank God dey r not immitating Americans am proud of the ones who dressed in native attires. Make Africa proud and stop copying borrowed culture

  2. Governor kwashiorkor or kwakwanso i don’t have to waste my beautiful grammer on u like d way u are wasting d people’s money.don’t u have tv or read d newspaper?or u didn’t hear of Edo state flood and others?I know it’s not ur state but that 1million donation will save a lot live,why not be d first show to love and see others follow u out of shame.look at d celebrities u donated d money to,they are all heathy,well feed and very very robust,they don’t need it infact some of them are richer than u still u donate 1million to d wrong group.I can’t. even point out Emeka,segun,Grace bcos of their fat cheeks.donate some of d money to d people who need it don’t think of whose state it,u can then use d change to buy them oil cream infact vaseline bcos harmattan is already beating their robust body even b4 d season.

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