Why Nollywood Filmmakers Don’t Produce Science Movies – Kingsley Omoefe

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By Anote Ajoluorou, The Guardian

Nollywood’s new narrative, according to one the industry’s directors and producers, Mr. Kingsley Omoefe, is refocusing the industry from its initial blunders to one with professionally savvy hands and equipment that are in tune with today’s global standards.

“Today, we have better trained filmmakers, better equipment; corporate and financial institutions are now more interested and the reception is amazing. The outcome is that Nollywood is making better films and the world has noticed us,” he submitted recently upon completion of his new movie, Wheel of Fate.

However, Omoefe noted that the industry is still challenged in one area of cinematic experience, which is science fiction (Sci-Fi) genre of filmmaking. He attributed this to “three major factors. First is finance. We don’t have the funds to do a good Sci-Fi. Two, the expertise and technology are not readily available and the audience. Nigeria cinema viewing audience does not appreciate such genre. It’s not part of our culture and lifestyle. And as such, anyone funding such film will be taking a bigger risk.”

3 thoughts on “Why Nollywood Filmmakers Don’t Produce Science Movies – Kingsley Omoefe

  1. Tell them not to try it. It will be the biggest joke of the century. They should pls continue with their witches movies we are not complaining.

  2. Liars..those billions inherited from jonathan administration nko?it was squandered with fake life styles and lawsuits on who will chair the leadership of actors guild..even cash trapped kenyans and rwandas are gearing up fast to launch theirs.unserious charlatans

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