Nuella Njubigbo’s Husband Tchidi Chikere Claims Ex-Wife, Sophia Cheated On Him


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April 2nd, 2014 – Nuella Njubigbo’s Husband Tchidi Chikere Claims Ex-Wife, Sophia Cheated On Him

Just four days after marrying Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo, movie producer Tchidi Chikere has placed his ex-wife, Sophia Chikere on the blast.

The Nollywood movie producer who dumped his wife and children for Nuella took to Twitter to rain all sorts of insulting words on the mother of his children

Read what he said:

“God knows I’ve tried to be mature about this. God knows I tried to be silent. This is the woman who says she loves her husband
“Most terrible wife ever in life.. somebody that never gave me a home. Wanted to party freak life. no respect for marriage
“All she wanted was to bear my name and still live as she wanted. I was free to do anything I wanted as long she had my name”
No love no affection, all had was a roof over my head. now I’m saying NO, I’m tired I want a real home, a quality life
I want to experience love and what it really means to have a home, what life feels like to be truly married.
I begged her for years I cried for affection I begged for a bond. She never cared.
I could die for all she cared, as long as she remains Tchidi’s widow. God FORBID u fight with single girls over men
Never hd time for me, never had time for our kids, I’m tired of that life, I want to live a better life and she is crying wolf
All the juju you and your family have done to destroy me didn’t work, My God is stronger than u all. That is why u you come out now to scream.
In 5000, lives n more to come I do not wish to see or meet anybody like Sophia, u’re a nightmare. Even when u’re lying u cry.

The Twitter rants continue….

Hmmmm why didn’t he say all these before he married Nuella?