Obasanjo Sings Praise & Worship At Ogun Xmas Carol, Asks God To Give Nigeria A New Leader

obasanjo sings christmas carol

Dec 23, 2014 – Obasanjo Sings Praise & Worship At 2014 Ogun State Christmas Carol, Ask God To Give Nigeria A New Leader 

Ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo stole the show at the 2014 Ogun State Christmas Carol Service that held yesterday at June 12 Cultural Center in Kuto area of Abeokuta when he suddenly turned his speech into praise and worship.

He was invited to address the huge crowd at the event but he disappointed them when he turned into a praise worship singer.

“I and the governor have agreed that all what Baba Adeboye said here tonight is what all of have said.

There is no more word. But you will assist me to sing this song, Nigeria needs something new this time around.

“The song goes thus, ‘Do something new in my life and do something new in this country’,” Obasanjo declared.

The whole hall went into jubilation as shout of “Sai Buhari” rent the air as Baba continued in his song which changed the tune of the programme.