Obesere Arrested For Rape In Lagos; Girlfriend Reported Him To The Police


obesere arrested rape

March 5, 2014 – Fuji Musician Abass Akande Obesere Arrested For Rape At His House In Okota Lagos: Ibadan Poly Graduate, Girlfriend Narrates Ordeal

“She is my girlfriend and the sex was consensual. I didn’t rape her ” – Obesere confesses in police detention

Popular Nigerian musician Abass Akande Obesere, Omorapala has been arrested by Lagos State Police officials for allegedly raping a lady at his house in Okota area of Lagos.

Miss Olanike Olaiya, a graduate of Ibadan Polytechnic reported the singer to the police.

According to Nike, she was introduced to the Fuji star through a close friend named Bola Okoro.

One thing led to the other, she ended up in Obesere’s mansion in Okota where she passed the night.

Nike said Obesere entered her room at midnight and raped her mercilesslly.

As if that wasn’t enough, he later inserted a ring in her private part.

Here Nike in her own words:

“I got to know Obesere through one of my friends, Mrs Bola Okoro. She told me that Obesere would assist me in my business.

“I deal in office equipment and when I contacted Obesere, he asked me to meet him in his family house at Okota. When I met him, I introduced my business to him and he promised to connect me to some of his friends in Dubai who would sell goods to me on credit.

“After the discussion, he started demanding for sex and I refused and when I wanted to leave, he insisted I should sleep over in his house because it was late and he claimed that it was dangerous to go out late in the night in his area.

“I thought he was a responsible man and I decided to sleep over, but at the dead of the night, he came into the room where I slept and pounced on me.

“He raped me and afterwards inserted a ring he wore into my private part and I started bleeding. He hurriedly left me in the room saying he had an appointment to fulfil.

“I could not bear the trauma and the bleeding and I reported the matter to the police.”

According to entertainment insiders, the Fuji star was arrested last Wednesday when Nike filed a report at Isolo Police station. He was later released on bail.

On Monday, the 3rd of March, 2014, he was re-arrested after a medical examiner said Nike was actually raped.

As we speak, he is still in Police detention.

As part of his confessional statement, Obesere said the sexual intercourse between himself and Nike was consensual that he didn’t force her as she claimed in her report.

He also said Nike was his girlfriend and they made love when she came for a visit.

A close source to the singer said Oberese actually told Nike to go to a private hospital for treatment when she complained of bleeding.

The singer was surprised when Nike went behind his back to report him to the police for rape.

What happened to Obesere’s wife. I think he said he can never marry two women….