Official Photos: Prof Wole Soyinka Visits Buhari At Aso Rock For Closed Door Meeting

soyinka visit buhari aso rock

August 11, 2016 – Official Pictures: Wole Soyinka’s Meeting With Buhari At Aso Rock Abuja

Professor Wole Soyinka Visits Buhari At Aso Rock Abuja For Closed Door Meeting

Professor Wole Soyinka stormed the Presidential villa in Abuja today on invitation.

The Nobel Laurete arrived Aso Rock around 11:05am and headed straight to Buhari’s office where he talked at length with Mr President on domestic and international matters.

After the meeting, Soyinka promises curious reporters that he will soon organize a press conference to reveal the details of his meeting with Buhari.

Here are more photos from Soyinka’s official visit to Aso Rock today

12 thoughts on “Official Photos: Prof Wole Soyinka Visits Buhari At Aso Rock For Closed Door Meeting

  1. Professor Wole Soyinka’s visit to the Aso Rock Villa with the president is a great thing. Why? First, the professor is one of those few Nigerians that can look straight into President Mohammed Buhari face and tell him the hard truth. In addition to that, this visit shows that president Buhari welcome ideas, suggestions, positive opinions, and great contributions from Nigerian leaders, academia, and those with integrity that may disagree with him on certain issues but have the interests of the people genuinely in their hearts. As we all know, prof. Soyinka is 100% pro-Biafra and pro equity and justice to all our people regardless of their respective tribes, religion, and culture. I want to believe that one of the points of discussion with the president is the state of the Nigerian economy, our federal system of government, resources control, national security, Boko Haram and the Niger Delta Avengers terrorist. Whatever they discuss behind the close door at the Villa is for the good of the country. Well done Mr. President for inviting such a noble man to Aso Rock Villa, and kudos to professor Wole Soyinka for his contributions of over 40 years.

  2. This is the type of meeting they do always and killing Nigeria. Let them do open door meeting if they’re planning good for this nation.

  3. PMB always in closed door meeting (obasanjo, Jonathan, soyinka) still yet no improvement. i pray this one will be of great importance and advantage

  4. I am sure Buhari is not that happy with dis meeting, u can even see it by d expression on his face, hope he has been fed with bitter truth regarding d state of d nation.

  5. Mr buhari…abeg invite me let me come with d pictures of my area…the hunger in peoples faces..the nature of d environment…and lots more…I swear we no need to do any meeting bfor u understand wetin dey hapen for d nation….abeg mak I go soak my garri joor…

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