Oh Dear! Check Out Bobrisky’s Untouched, Real Makeup Face [PHOTOS]

bobrisky real makeup face

September 18, 2017 – Oh Dear! Check Out Bobrisky’s Untouched Makeup Face [PHOTOS]

One of the male prostitutes dominating Abuja has been exposed once more by critics.

Idris Okunneye whose journey to ‘gayhood’ started when Police nabbed him for deceiving wealthy men in a  hotel room in Lagos ventured into skin bleaching business.

He later turned himself into a ghostly Oyinbo to demonstrate to fans that his whitening cream works.

Sadly, the harsh effect of the deadly chemicals in the product has damaged his skin beyond repair.

Check out one of his viral untouched photos below .


11 thoughts on “Oh Dear! Check Out Bobrisky’s Untouched, Real Makeup Face [PHOTOS]

  1. They don’t want to kill him because he is being f*uked in the anus like Clifford Oche by some Politicians. The idiot even said his favourite position is doggy and wants to be his main bae’s second wife. Nigeria why are you still not arresting this red gay monkey? Is the so-called ordinary 14 years jail term just a joke?

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