Olu Jacobs Son Soji Jacobs & Ijaw Lover Engaged, To Marry Soon

olusoji jacobs wedding

Congratulations are in order for the family of Mr and Mrs Olu Jacobs as their first child, Soji will be heading down to the altar with his Ijaw fiancee soon.

According to insider, 30-year-old Soji who is already a CEO will be getting married to his long time partner in Delta State in few days time.

See their viral pre-wedding photos below.

4 thoughts on “Olu Jacobs Son Soji Jacobs & Ijaw Lover Engaged, To Marry Soon

  1. Be careful what you wish for, except you truely wish to be married to a maimaid in that case carry go…….because this your picture said a lot. My people perish because of their ignorance.

  2. The girl in question looks like a cartoon , I nor even understand and plus the kpomo marmaid cartoon picture. Sir Olu Jacob please come to your son”s rescue.

  3. In any case I wish them all the best towards their wedding. They have to follow greenish path which Mzee and mama Olu Jacobs have built since then. If they can have a chance, they are warmly well come to visit Tanzania, a land of mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park.

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