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Chiamaka Nwokeukwu: I’ll Quit Acting If My Husband Is Rich Enough To Take Care Of Me

Chiamaka Nwokeukwu husband

Nollywood Starlet Chiamaka Nwokeukwu: Why I Left My Jealous Boyfriend After My First Shoot

By Ayo Onikoyi Pot Pourri

Nollywood actress, Chiamaka Nwokeukwu has established herself in the industry as an actress of note, with great roles to her credit. But the fair-skinned beauty has achieved this success at a price, as she had to dump the boy she was dating at the time to pursue her dream because the boy was too jealous to stomach her foray into the make-believe world. “Yes, I dumped him for Nollywood because he didn’t want me to be a star.

He didn’t want me to follow up my career and he had not proposed to me. The guy can leave me tomorrow and now that I have the opportunity, I need to follow up. God blessed everybody with talent. It’s not easy to have talent, most people cannot act and when you have the zeal and you can do something, you have to use it well.

It’s normal for a boy and girl to meet and if you really love your girl, you would let her go into what she wants. When I get married, automatically if my husband says he doesn’t want me to act again, I will not act again as long as he’s taking care of me,” she quipped in a chat with Potpourri.

“He was telling me that he didn’t want me to act, that I’m a very nice person, I’m humble, that when I go into the industry, I’ll meet big people and I’ll become wild and be doing different things. I was like, I know myself, naturally I’m humble. I come from a very humble home, we don’t have any bad scandal so if you want to be bad you’ll be bad, if you want to be good it’s inbuilt.

I explained everything to him, I was like, let me do this thing, let me just do it. If you see that I’m going astray, I’ll stop. He didn’t want me to even start. Immediately I went for my first shoot, he said I didn’t like him any more but I told I still liked him very much but he didn’t believe me and the only sane thing I could do is to walk away,” she said.

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  1. Nancy Akanne

    July 9, 2018 at 2:19 AM

    My advice for you is to go to school and be established on your own. Stop depending on wealth of men

  2. BIMBO

    July 10, 2018 at 1:38 AM

    i dont think you understand what she said mrs nancy acting is a job so read what she has written before writing out your comment or better still you should be the one going back to school

  3. Ankara

    July 10, 2018 at 4:43 AM

    Nancy Akanne go back to school so you could understand simple sentences, coin them together and have a good understanding of an article. No limited age for learning. Go back to school Nancy. You get personal problem with this lady?

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