Omoni Oboli Loses N200 Million To Cancelled Okafor Law Movie Premiere

omoni oboli loses 200million okafor's law premiere

April 20, 2017 – Omoni Oboli Loses N200 Million To Cancelled Okafor Law Premiere

How Jude Idada Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Is Giving Omoni Oboli’s Movie A Boost At The Cinema

‘Okafor’s Law’, newly released romantic comedy movie, has been causing a buzz among Cinema lovers in the Federal Capital Territory, NAN reports.

Mr Emmanuel David, a staff of Silverbird Cinema who spoke to the NAN said since its debut on March 31, Okafor’s Law has been “causing traffic at cinema” located at the Central Business District of the city.

“People have been trooping to watch the movie while tickets are sold out daily.”

He said the ticket costs one thousand five hundred naira at the weekends while it sells for one thousand on week days per viewer.

He attributed the popularity of the film to the `drama and controversy’ it generated before its premiere.

The producers of the movie had claimed to have spent 100 million naira in branding, advertising and planning of the premiere which was cancelled on March 24, as a result of a court injunction stopping its premiere.

They also claimed the loss of 200 million naira earning or revenue from the cancelled premiere, including revenue from seat bookings, ticket sales and advert placement.

Some of the viewers who spoke to NAN at the cinema commended the actors in the movie for their sterling performances.

According to Sheila Ogun, a student of the University of Abuja, she fell in love with Ufuoma McDermot’s (IFY) character.

“I have always heard about Okafor’s law on campus and it did not really `click’ in my head, but watching these actors bring it to life was humourous but also educative.. I am well informed now,” Sheila said.

Also, Zainab Sani who was full of smile said the movie was fun to watch.

Reacting to the turnouts, Mrs Omoni Oboli, Producer and Director said the turnout has been very impressive

Actors in Okafor’s law have been visiting the cinemas at different locations, and we have all been surprised at the reception from fans all over the country.

Truth be told, the tickets have been sold out everywhere we went, and we just want this to continue for as long as possible. I am grateful to God for His blessings.”

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  1. If they art all the wetin they was art for the film and nobody smoke igbo for the film, then na nonsens film.

  2. headline is misleading..does it mean the ticket sales belong to the guy who sued omoni on copyright infringements?unless she won the ase otherwise will serve as a warning to people that violates and publish someone else,s work.

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