Is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Truly Arrogant & Full Of Herself As Alleged?


omotola jalade arrogant

April 13, 2017 – Is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Truly Arrogant As Alleged?

The perception of many is that Omotola Jalade is full of herself.

This is not unconnected to her inter-tribal marriage. Omotola born to Yoruba parents married Captain Matthew Ekeinde from Edo state over twenty years ago.

Though in the beginning of her career she used to future in Yoruba movies but as time goes on, she cut off ties and concentrated her effort in the English sector where she is doing excellently well.

Her exit from the Yoruba sector soon sent wrong signals to her colleagues and fans with many accusing her of being pompous.

Though she made the decision a long time ago, many still assume arrogance forced her to quit “Yoruhood”.

Though she is fully aware of it, the mother of four who has limited her acting engagement is less bothered about the accusation.

Another point raised by a Nollywood insider is that many raised issue with her for marrying an Igbo man, unknown to them, Captain Ekeinde from Edo state was born to an Igbo mother from Abo in Delta State and a father from Sabon Gida Ora town in Owan LGA of Edo state.

By birth, Captain Ekeinde is an Edo man not an Igbo man as alleged.

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The source added that even if Omotola married an Igbo man, people will still have issue with her because she likes to outsmart others.

“The issue here is that Omotola likes to take the lead role in everything, if you try to put her at the back, she will breakup with you” – said the Nollywood source