Omotola Jalade Under Fire Over Sex, Kissing Scenes In Alter Ego Movie

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December 3rd, 2016 – Omotola Jalade Caught Kissing, Sleeping With 2 Actors In Alter Ego Movie, Fans Come After Her

Omotola Jalade Under Fire Over Sex, Kissing Scenes In Alter Ego Movie

A romantic movie featuring Omotola Jalade, veteran actor Wale Ojo is set to hit cinemas across the country soon however, the steamy scenes that featured Omotola and two different actors have sparked mixed reactions among her fans.

In the trailer of the movie titled Alter Ego, Omotola played a raunchy role with Mr Wale Ojo and another actor.

Fans of the beautiful mother of four have been calling her all sorts of demeaning names for taking up such sensitive role as a married woman.

According to the photos which raised eye brows, Omosexy was seen kissing her colleague passionately while lying in bed while another man was on top of her.

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15 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Under Fire Over Sex, Kissing Scenes In Alter Ego Movie

  1. whats wrong with kissing in acting ? she get paid to do it so why not ? Nigerians need to open their eyes this is 2016 not 1916

  2. Tactically this film has got huge advertisement. People will be rushing to grab a copy. Good one from those promoting the film. That aside, the actress is just acting her role just like any other role. She became famous because she is an actress. In any case, the actress has been in the business of acting too long to be guided by those who always see something wrong.

  3. Hypocrisy! What is wrong with her kissing in a movie? Nigerians criticizing her are dumb and uninformed that the act is a make belief scene. What is even wrong with it if the act is real? Is that not her profession? I beg free the woman jare. Hollier than thou. Crying more than the bereaved. What is their own if the husband is not complaining? Foolish people. Please go find a career.

  4. People should stop condemning Omotola. This is just a movie. Nigerians should grow up mentally and look at things positively. Most of those calling Omotola names for putting up an act in a movie do worse things behind closed doors. Hypocrites.

  5. ‘Old HARLOT’ this is not a part for a good married woman,complete naked man on her. what type of dirty money are you looking for.Anyways you are married to a toy, pingpong pingpong

  6. what a life,,its better you act porn behind closed doors where the world can’t see you,,,real or not real, it doesn’t make any sense, if my mother does this even for the money,I won’t condone with it, if the fear of God is in you, you won’t do certain things, hypocrites or non hypocrites,just know that inasmuch Jesus didn’t allowed people to stone that prostitute to death neither was He applauding her well done, rather He told her go and sin no more, End time will come and when it comes those signs written in john and revelation will happen

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