Nigerian Actress Amanda Ebeye Delivers Baby For Married Man, Says She Is A Happy Single Mother


amanda ebeye baby father

December 3rd, 2016 – Nollywood Actress Amanda Ebeye Joins Nollywood Single Mothers Club, Blasts Those Calling Her Baby mama

Amanda Ebeye Keeps Mum About Baby Father, Says She Is A Happy Single Mother

Popular Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye delivered a baby boy in Canada few days ago and kept mum about the delivery due to the controversial details of her baby father.

The moment uncovered the messy details few days ago, some disappointed fans and colleagues of the actress took to her Instagram page to give her a piece of their mind.

However the actress seems unperturbed about the brouhaha her ‘out of wedlock’ pregnancy is causing on the social media.

Amanda who seems to have had enough of the backslash took to her official IG page yesterday to share a sexy post-baby selfie photo of herself looking all happy.

amanda ebeye gives birth married man

Check out what she wrote:

For the records, Amanda Ebeye’s baby father is a married Lagos-based movie producer.

Will bring you more details about the handsome man soon. Waiting to get confirmation from a top Nollywood source.