Ooni Builds Moremi Liberty Statue To Honour Queen Moremi Ajasoro Who Liberated The Yorubas From…

moremi liberty statue

November 8, 2016 – Ooni Of Ife Builds Moremi Liberty Statue To Honour African Heroine Queen Moremi Ajasoro Who Liberated The Yorubas From Slave Traders

Ile Ife Monarch, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has embarked on the construction of Moremi Liberty Statue, Nigeria’s tallest statue in a bid to honour late heroine, Queen Moremi Ajasoro for liberating the Yoruba People from Slave traders.

While addressing the press during the unveiling of Moremi Ajansoro Beauty Pageant at his palace in Enuwa area of Ile Ife today, Ogunwusi described Moremi as a brave and pretty queen who in order to solve the problems facing her people, offered anything she had to give in sacrifice to the spirit of Esimirin river so as to discover the strength of the enemies of Oodua race.

He further said the heroine liberated the Yorubas from slave invaders.

He described Moremi as the real mother of liberty whose legacy must not be left in the oblivion.

He said once the tallest statue in Nigeria is completed, it will be dedicated to Queen Moremi Ajasoro.

6 thoughts on “Ooni Builds Moremi Liberty Statue To Honour Queen Moremi Ajasoro Who Liberated The Yorubas From…

  1. He is plans to build am so that he is find something to worship. He wanting to worship am and also to be telling pipul to worship am. Rastaman is not worship idol.

  2. he should build schools and hospitals, leisure or sports centres for the kids not a useless statue for a dead person

  3. We want to be able to remember our Hero and Heroine. This step will ensure Tourism to Ile-Ife and buster the economy.

    Traditional Ruler’s Job is not to build schools, that’s the State and Federal Government job. School on the ground are not even well taking cared and still build more, you can’t be serious.

    He is our Traditional Head and should build the culture which is what he just did. He is on point.

    I always wonder why we Africans always have the inception that Statues are for idol worship. This is a woman No Yoruba can ever forget fo her Gallantry.

    If Arsenal FC built a statue for Thierry Henry, Manchester United for Sir Alex, Ojukwu’s Statue at Onitsha, South Africans for Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln Statue by Americans and including many others and now we did that for our own Heroine then it turns to Idolatry.

    Abeg guys stop all this and think twice.

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