Nigerian Police Officer Kills Colleague In Bayelsa Over N20,000 Cash Gift

police man kill colleague bayelsa File photo

November 8, 2016 – Nigerian Policeman Kills Colleague Over N20,000 Cash Gift In Bayelsa

A police officer with the Bayelsa State Police Command has been arrested for killing his colleague over N20,000 cash gift.

According to NAN, the incident happened earlier today after an argument over the sharing formula of the N20,000 cash reward given to them after an operation.

Trouble started when the deceased officer told his colleague that they should share part of the money with their DPO while the other objected.

The enraged officer allegedly shot his colleague on the head when he insisted that the DPO must get part of the largesse.

The remains of the deceased officer have been deposited at Federal Medical Center morgue in Yenagoa.

The deceased is survived by 2 wives and 8 children.

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Police Officer Kills Colleague In Bayelsa Over N20,000 Cash Gift

  1. Judas spirit!! A gift is a bonus and before it was given you did not have it and would have survived without if the good gesture was not extended to you. When then can you not share this gift with another?

    May God console the bereaved.
    RIP to the dead!

  2. Eyaah,,,sorrrrrrry as all I can see’s prison knocking on ur door & u don already answer by foolishly allowing ur greed take hold over u,,!


  3. Thank God for your life….finaly those drivers and kekenapep curse get to you…sorry o…I no they pity police for wetin dem done do me..

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