Ooni Of Ife Unveils New Queen, Born Again Adventist Olori Shilekunola Moronke Naomi [PHOTOS]

ooni of ife new queen born again adventist

Ooni Of Ife Unveils New Queen, Born Again Seventh Day Adventist Church Member Olori Moronke Naomi Shilekunola [PHOTOS]

Meet Ooni Of Ife’s new Queen, a born again Christian and member of the seventh day Adventist church named Naomi Moronke.

The lady also named Shilekunola is the new Olori that will take over the Queening affairs of Enuwa Ile Ife Palace.

The 43-year-old monarch introduced her to fans few minutes ago via his official Instagram handle @ ooniadimulaife.

Here is how he introduced Naomi to his followers:

“I waited patiently upon the Almighty the King of kings, he eventually did it in the midst of many trials.
Shilekunola, Moronke, Naomi; the greatest Arsenal you can apply on this highly revered throne with many rules and regulations in the midst of undiluted tradition, heritage and culture is the “Fear Of God In You”, which is the beginning of your wisdom on this throne of Oduduwa.
You are welcome home my beautiful and adorable queen.”

Check out Queen Shilekunola Moronke Naomi‘s photos below

ooni of ife new queen naomi morenike
queen shilekunola moronke naomi
shilekunola moronke naomi

We hope this new Queen will not bring in much drama like Queen Sonia did.

Just like his critics said, Oni of Ife is attracted to light-skinned ladies.

Her own complexion looks more natural unlike the past “soyoyo” Queen and she looks younger too. #amebo thingz **wink**

17 thoughts on “Ooni Of Ife Unveils New Queen, Born Again Adventist Olori Shilekunola Moronke Naomi [PHOTOS]

  1. mixing religion with tradition..sounds good if diabolism aint involved.hope whatever chased previous ones will spare the new bride..i wish una luck

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM. God bless their union in Jesus name, @Kunle Ilahor e ye binu eni toti dara fun. This is marriage made in heaven.The king is an handsome man and the wife is an epitome of BEAUTY in and out. CONGRATULATIONS.

  3. A born again christian married to a traditional ruler required to do all kinds of fetish things in the name of tradition. Is this a joke? Will she say No when and if she is required to carry etutu for kabiyesi to cleanse the community of evil spirits? I don’t think this woman is a real born again christian like her husband is claiming. She is tired of living in poverty and seized the opportunity to bask in wealth when the king propose to her.

  4. Born again n you are marrying second hand okirika that has divorced twice. Whom are you people fooling. You don’t know your bible. The main Almighty God is still on his throne and he sees you.

  5. I wonder,how a prophetess like her become Olori with a the palaces idols
    Naomi do you think you are really a prophetess ,hope kabiyesi sisters will allow you to cope with this young
    Nice king and the palace rites
    I wish you the best,

  6. Hmmm God is on d throne h knows everything which we dont know a prophetess and an idol heaven is crying ova u.

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