Open Letter On Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s Threat For 2015 Election: Who Are You To Determine The Winner?


asari dokubo threat 2015 election

Sept 11, 2013 – Open Letter On Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s Threat For 2015 Election: Who Are You To Determine The Winner?

This is an open letter in response to a threat made by Asari Dokubo over the weekend.

The controversial figure threatens bloodshed if President Jonathan loses his election bid in 2015.

It is unfortunate that we are in system that has blind to so many things especially man made ills of our society.

Who is Asari Dokubo to determine who will win the 2015 election. Let the people speak and not you lording your authority and your wants over millions of Nigerians.

If people applaud Jonathan for second term so be it. But people should learn that putting their vote in the wrong box has enabled the reigns of PDP that has led to lots of atrocities, unemployment, daily blackout, sufferings and hatred among people.

I cannot lay claim to any single city or town that has benefited from the reigns of those leaders who do not have vision for a massive nation such as Nigeria. A tale of a blind man leading a whole society, where do you reckon they will lead us to. No where of course because they have no vision except to enjoy their leadership to use the nation’s wealth to enrich themselves and their family.

I wonder how we as a country got ourselves into this mess. A nation with no vision and direction is like babylon where the likes of Boko Haram and Asari Dokubo takes the slightest opportunity to inflict pain and torture on innocent citizens.

I hope when the time is right we would stand up and make a stance with our vote. Let our vote speak for us. Let us vote wisely and use the only power that we have to consume those selfish leaders and elders who are draining the blood of youths to satisfy their relevance and position in our country.

Let Asari Dokubo continue to cry like the dog that he is and let us use our wisdom to flush those bastards out of relevance.

If we can use our vote wisely, then will they realise that they have lost it. It will stick to their memory that we can always use the only power we have to flush them out if they did not perform. Until this happens, we would continue to be their camel working with no hope for the future. Walking with fear of the unknown, slaving ourselves out for their selfish interest, sweating with no desire to drink.

We should make a stance for our future and the future of our coming generation.

Who are the elders, who nominated them, what are their track records including their crime records.

[Article by Sade]