Open Letter On Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s Threat For 2015 Election: Who Are You To Determine The Winner?

asari dokubo threat 2015 election

Sept 11, 2013 – Open Letter On Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s Threat For 2015 Election: Who Are You To Determine The Winner?

This is an open letter in response to a threat made by Asari Dokubo over the weekend.

The controversial figure threatens bloodshed if President Jonathan loses his election bid in 2015.

It is unfortunate that we are in system that has blind to so many things especially man made ills of our society.

Who is Asari Dokubo to determine who will win the 2015 election. Let the people speak and not you lording your authority and your wants over millions of Nigerians.

If people applaud Jonathan for second term so be it. But people should learn that putting their vote in the wrong box has enabled the reigns of PDP that has led to lots of atrocities, unemployment, daily blackout, sufferings and hatred among people.

I cannot lay claim to any single city or town that has benefited from the reigns of those leaders who do not have vision for a massive nation such as Nigeria. A tale of a blind man leading a whole society, where do you reckon they will lead us to. No where of course because they have no vision except to enjoy their leadership to use the nation’s wealth to enrich themselves and their family.

I wonder how we as a country got ourselves into this mess. A nation with no vision and direction is like babylon where the likes of Boko Haram and Asari Dokubo takes the slightest opportunity to inflict pain and torture on innocent citizens.

I hope when the time is right we would stand up and make a stance with our vote. Let our vote speak for us. Let us vote wisely and use the only power that we have to consume those selfish leaders and elders who are draining the blood of youths to satisfy their relevance and position in our country.

Let Asari Dokubo continue to cry like the dog that he is and let us use our wisdom to flush those bastards out of relevance.

If we can use our vote wisely, then will they realise that they have lost it. It will stick to their memory that we can always use the only power we have to flush them out if they did not perform. Until this happens, we would continue to be their camel working with no hope for the future. Walking with fear of the unknown, slaving ourselves out for their selfish interest, sweating with no desire to drink.

We should make a stance for our future and the future of our coming generation.

Who are the elders, who nominated them, what are their track records including their crime records.

[Article by Sade]

28 thoughts on “Open Letter On Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s Threat For 2015 Election: Who Are You To Determine The Winner?

    • if there’s anyone that’s brainless, i think you are. goat. how dare you to call my president brainless? animal.

  1. It is only in Nigeria that a person will wake up and call a serving president brainless but when Abacha was looting and murdering helpless people, you were singing that if not Abacha there was none else worthy to rule.May God forgive you all.

  2. Jonathan will win 2015 presidential election again and the corrupt and heartless northeners will all die in shame in Jesus name. Amen!

  3. @Mahamed May the Good God punish u and ur generation for calling Jesus name, wake up and see that goodluck is just a fooooooollllll, I pray Goodluck+ family+entirehold will die in accident just like patience jonathan’s mother

    • It is u nd ur entire generation will die in accident…i don’t like GEJ alot but i will not wish him death…You r so lion-hearted nd ruthless

  4. To you Mohammad, jiemy and awajiokizzy. I guess guys are far nigeria, the news and even far from the truth. Keep sentiments aside and tell me that all that are going on in nigeria are pleasing and God wish for a blessed Nation like Nigeria. I dont want to believe that you guys are paid to come online and bullshit or probably you guys reason with you with ur Anus. Otherwise i see no reason why you should take side with GEJ, i am from Niger Delta but that doesnt make GEJ the right man for the office, despite the fact the other past leaders has done their looting and gone, we expected GEj to bring a change not to follow that paths of the old criminals(past presidents) SO i wish you guys see things the way they really are or shut the f..k up.

  5. Come 2015 and let’s see what will come out of it.. Dz current administration is a threat 2 d citizens as a nation, Asuu strike,lact of security as well as Lack of job,am damn tired of dz s***t in dz country. If u tnk dz present administration is gud,sorry to say U’re a bunch of fool.

  6. Nigerians should be concerned with who brings food to their table. What is the need if after years of graduation no job yet some persons felt Jonathan must rule for life because is from Niger Delta. Let Aki and Pawpaw rule who cares so long basic life assistance are affordable. Asari Dokubo is Nicompup due for grave.

  7. The truth is not far from us,dz is atrocities in nature and we’r nt ready to live in panic b’cos of any millitant,we knw our right and our right need to b protected.. Dz current situation is pathetic in nature

  8. in every given we keep on cry day no money, every month and every day we keep saying things are hard, no money den u manage and get smoll money and go to market to buy tings u c dat is too cost, nothing is buyable in Y bcos our bother is closed aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh God help us

  9. Guys u all know dat wot happens n Nigeria s 2 make GEJ uncomfortable n his tenure.ask ur self dis question,y s it n GEJ’s tenure.Asari or nija gist ooo,God put GEJ n dat seat and God will definitely put any 1 He wants 2 put n dat seat.Asari s just backing GEJ.wot of d northerners? Dey r d problem n dis country.bokoharam,asuu strike etc.I belve God s watching all and knows wots next 4 d country as 4 all d vampires,just wait and watch there faith.

  10. partening to d stream of invectives that de confusionist buhari vomited saiying that “both bambo and baboo will soak in blood com 2015,i’ll side asari dokubo.! bt at d other hnd GEJ 2015? nt d best 4 our promising country.pls ma co-commentators always knw d root be4 tlk nonsense

    • Asari use m,mak mylif uselez nw is bck agin,4rm aleach water front n p.h,w figth 4m,h ran n use d money 4 hm cef,hw wish i could expose u bastard,plz w ned 2 pray 4 d nation,cos asari is bad n evil,criminal 2,tnx

  11. Bezo its you, ur family, ur entire generation that will die of accident, God have even removed ur name from the book of the living. I support Asari’s threat, what did buhari did after GEJ election? GEJ is still better than those blood sucking northers

  12. Asari is just like zero behind decimal place .0000 = 0,he only pretend as if he’s somebody we know he only have one vote which is equal to every body in nigeria. He use eye service to get money from president but time shall tell uselessss mtwwwww!!!!!!!!

  13. if goodluck is a fool we like it if is a goat we like am monkey no fine but I’m mama like am. Let me tell u ppl somtin u ppl should b prepare very well bcouse if goodluck finish is 8 years is still not u ppls turn we will give power to the igbos u no what that means nA u ppl are finish may god help u fools

  14. this is not the case of president jonathan coming from naijadelta but what we are saying is dat northener should step aside for a while and allow d people with a good vision to rule nigeria.

  15. I sent a coment and u ppl did not post it y . Never d less let me rpet my self if goodluck finish is 8 years we the niger delta will give it to the east if day want to rule And brake the country that is ther problem as 4 goodluck the country will not brack we will rule u ppl the way we like fools

  16. thank God i dont vote. whether bad leader or good leader, i no go vote. come to think of it how can i leave my humble abode and office and quee in the some for some stupid people to rule and steal my money. Yahweh forbid!

  17. Fellow Nigeria I salute all Nigerian.Let us commit our Country to hand of God and pray for Unity,Let us look down side of our coat of arm and the symbol of our flag..My pleading here is for our leaders to always put masses into consideration b4 taking any action.The issue of motor plate number and Driver’s license is my pain,paying 10,000 to get driving license why some private driver received 10,000 as salary per month with children and wife, change of motor plate number to cost 40,000 why some old vehicle is not up to 20,000 if the owner want to sold it,We talk of corruption to minimize in from the country now is an opportunity for our Nigeria police to use it to intimidate the common pool people of Nigerian.Please Nigerian should stand up right now and say NO to this move,let any new vehicle get the new plate number and live the old numbers,if not so our government are of one side look,they should remember that the hardship for common Nigerian present is on bearable.THANKS.

  18. Kindly permit me to say little thing.let’s all Nigerian give respect to our President,it’s not good enough to abuse a Galant President of African.If his cabinet are misleadingh is government then let us give advice of way forward is not by party.I want all Nigera to remember that when he fully elected as President of this great Country everbody was happy with him is not by party that took him their,now everybody going agaist him,why can’t us suport him and give him good advice of way forward instead of abuse?The man is their as president what is the duity of our National Assemle? and the Governors and Chiarmans?No one will be their that will not still have complain and change what he has in mind b4 going their.Nigeria will not divide,because that is some evil of Nigeria prayers,Nigeria we live together as one and get authornomose power from each State to become United State of Nigeria as United State of American they are today,we will not shed our blood to achieved it in Jesus Name.

  19. Who are you Asari to decide who rule Nigeria,you fool,idiot , vampire ,dog ,goat, killer, thief ,blood sucker,

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