Open Letter To Prince Abubakar Audu Of Kogi State Nigeria

prince audu abubakar kogi state

May 14, 2015 – Open Letter To Prince Abubakar Audu Of Kogi State Nigeria


I write to inform you on sensitive pressing needs bordering the State you once pioneered and governed to the admiration of all. As I write the level of this contentment is so high that many regrets their continue existence under the current leadership of Capt. Idris Wada (rtd), thus it becomes imperative you rescue the state from the scourge of impending collapse.

Kogi is the richest State in Africa yet the poorest in Nigeria, not minding the unending endowed human and mineral resources. The political coup d’etat orchestrated by the PDP led- government using the machinery of power in conjunction with the comprado elites which saw your removal still remain a mystery and the height of political conspiracy yet to be seen anywhere in the world.

Sir, Every Kogite weeps on daily bases, given the decay prevailing socio- economic condition of the State, your absent brought upon us hardship, a State once regarded as pace setter for the rest to emulate during your glorious years is now a subject of ridicule, despise upon with disdain among comity of States, so sad that salaries of its staff in the last several months have not been paid, no development of any sort, as the State capital is now a shadow of its formal self, with only the remains of your legacies suffering little or no maintenance.

Sir, our suffering must stop and I am sure if we are cursed because you were forcefully removed, God in his infinite mercy will be ready to forgive us once your mind is made up to govern us again, as we are too rich to be poor and too enlightened to be governed by a mediocre who sees Kogi State as his personal vineyard to be abused repeatedly into bleeding profusely in order to satisfy his selfish ends.

We say no to this executive recklessness, self- allocation of arrogance and misplaced priorities where charismatic individuals abound.

Sir, every Kogite home and abroad is yearning for your return as age is no longer a barrier to what you can still offer to your beloved State, I know how difficult it was for you over the last few years after several attempt to reclaim your stolen mandate, but here present a golden privilege to salvage the State under a party you nurtured to be accepted nationwide, with APC as a party and the robust success recorded in the last election, it is just a matter of time Kogi State join the league of ” Change”.

Sir, you alone we know on our rescue mission plan, because you are tested and forever be trusted, through your developmental strife in the State, the first ever State Polytechnic was built, the first Radio Station, Audu State University Anyigba only for its name changed because of envy, numerous Housing Estates to carter for ever- housing need among workers, rural electrification project, accessible roads, Obajana Cement Company, the reviving of Ajaukota Steel Complex to mention just a few. Unfortunately the State is now plaque with under development.

Sir, your role in the emergence of President- Elect Muhammadu Buhari and party’s dominance in the North- Central can not be quantified in whatever imagination, as such daunting contribution never went unnoticed by the king makers, but such may be put to waste if you do not come to rescue the State in times of needs.

Sir, as I draw to a close, it will be an abuse of intellectual indebtedness on my side and colossal lost of hope amidst sheer abundance, if you must reject this plea.

Sir, in you our dream of renaissance shall be realized, once beaten twice shy and twice rescued first in 1992 and 1999 respectively to set the State on a high pedestal before it was cut shot in 2003 will ever be remembered in the heart of Kogites.

May Almighty Allah is his infinite mercy continue to protect your household and grant you good health, as I look forward to seeing you.

Yours faithfully

Long live Prince Abubakar Audu (Aduoja)!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

By Abdul Yahaya Oruma.( President Northern Youth Intellectual Forum)

3 thoughts on “Open Letter To Prince Abubakar Audu Of Kogi State Nigeria

  1. Imaging tht, I can’t even proud of my state again since pdp took over total mess up, today I’m making ths promise tht if God in hs mercy make prince Audu Governor in upcoming election in Kogi state? I bello Abdullah ill be trekking from Delta state to Lokoja for His victory Inn-shaa-Allah

  2. I really appreciate your indept plea, I hope he comes and rescue the State, PDP has destroyed whatever this man must have put in place. How did they allow such mistake?


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