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Opinion: Buhari Is The Best President Nigerians Ever Voted To Office, Haters Stay Off – Omokehinde

August 8, 2016 – Buhari Is The Best President Nigeria Ever Voted To Office, Haters Stay Off

Opinion Article By Omokehinde

Some are quick to post comments and write hateful and baseless articles about the current state of the nation just to ridicules PMB administration.

Majority of them have bad judgement because their arguments are not based on common sense, facts, and logic but are based on tribalism, pure hatred for PMB, and because their benefactor- corrupt Jonathan was defeated by their enemy in the last presidential election.

They argue blindly as if Buhari’s failure will benefit them and Nigerian people. They are openly wishing and praying for his failure as if their tribal person will succeed PMB in 2019. There are three facts about me that naijagists fans should know that differentiate me from anti PMB.

First, I’m a typical Yoruba man from Ekiti state. I’m also a Christian who believe in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, and He will ever remain my Lord and Savior.

The third fact is that I belong to no political parties but I have voted in every election since 1999. In facts both parties consist of criminal politicians that doesn’t care about the welfare of our people. Saraki and so many APC politicians today were once core PDP members and loyalists.

I have never meet nor call any politician from any party, therefore, I have zero link or connection with all political parties and politicians both at local, state and federal levels. I’ve always based my comment,judgment and argument on facts, common sense, and not based on tribalism, religion differences, and other evil sentiments that divide us as people of common destiny.

President Buhari by far is the best president Nigeria ever voted to office after the end of the first Republic for so many reasons. Buhari has deep love for Nigeria and her people compared to any politicians since 1979.

He had many opportunities to become a billionaire like other Heads of State and presidents after and before him but he care not enriching himself at the expense of millions of suffering Nigerians.

He was a former military governor of Kastina state, first Minister of Petroleum, Head of State of Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund before his current position.

In a corrupt nation like Nigeria, President Buhari was supposed to be a multi-billionaire. He tried three times to win the presidency on his self righteousness without aligning himself with career politicians but failed.

Finally, he realized that in order for him to help his country and millions of suffering Nigerian people he must align himself with smart politicians who understand the game of politics. He contacted Jagaban-Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Chief Tinubu was a very successful governor of Lagos state for eight years, he was so smart that he allowed former Gov. Fashola to replace him. Gov. Fashola pick was a great success for AD party and Jagaban himself. The rest is history. Tinubu will forever be remembered for his bold, patriotic, and highly risky venture for aligning himself with a newly formed political party now known as APC.

Gov. Tinubu was harassed, intimated, and bullied by President Jonathan, Security Agents, and those Nigerian enemies benefiting from the most corrupt administration in Nigerian history-Jonathan administration but Jagaban stood his ground, played the political game and role he was born to play, and in the end, despite billions of naira spent on election bribery by Jonathan, Candidate Mohammed Buhari won the last presidential election in a landslide victory. The rest is history.

It is also crucial to remind Nigerians that president Buhari was sworn in as our Commander in Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces with a bankrupt economy, when Boko Haram terrorists were on the lose, when about 26 states are unable to pay salaries of their workers, when oil price was at the lowest in the history of oil exploration at all times price at $28 per barrel, at a time when corruption of our politicians were at the peak and it was legalized by Jonathan, our roads, bridges and other infrastructures were collapsing, and the national reserve was emptied by Jonathan in six years.

Infact, president Buhari inherited from Jonathan administration the worse situations ever by any president. Nigeria was bleeding and on life support due to legalized looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, misappropriation, money laundering operations, bad governance, and corruption because vagabonds were in power. The Bible says, ” What can a righteous man do when the foundation is faulty?”

Nigeria foundation was not faulty but was destroyed and near collapse when PMB was sworn in on May 28, 2015 just 14 months ago. Today, those that created the mess we are in today, those that looted our national treasure to bankruptcy, those that made billions of dollars in surplus from oil revenue when it was $150 per barrel, and those that created Boko Haram terrorists are now blaming PMB, calling for miracles in 14 months, and pointing fingers that he hasn’t done nothing to address the economic crisis and hardship they created in the first place.

According to Rev. Father Mbaka who I respect a lot in June, 2015, “president Buhari inherited a dead nation like a skeleton of a cow with all the vital organs removed from corrupt Jonathan administration” Today, wicked politicians who destroyed Nigeria are now calling for those dead cow bones to be resurrected in 14 months of PMB administration. What an unrealistic and reasonable expectations! To destroy a great things such as nations, business ventures, great institutions, and mighty buildings take no effort but carelessness, wicked intentions, cruel, unpatriotic behavior, corruption, and immorality but to build or rebuild require plenty of time, adequate planning, resources, great leaders, honesty, accountability, uncommon commitments, and great love for that nation, business ventures or that entity.

Nigeria’s system of government is a setup by colonial masters for us to fail. Why? All the states of the federation except Lagos state depend solely on the federal government allocations to carry out day to day activities of their states.

Majority of those states have no plan and did not manage their allocations when we had the oil boom, they simply take their allocations from federal government, pay worker’s salaries, and embezzled the rest. Now that we have oil doom, they are all struggling to survive. Each state of the federation should generate money and adjust to accommodate the drop in their allocations due to drop in the price of crude oil.

We have abandoned our agricultural sector for oil exploration, and we are also a consuming nation that depends mainly on imported foods and other commodities, we now sell or import crude oil that has depreciated greatly in the world market. Our economy, and the value of our currency-naira depends on the price of crude oil at the international oil market. That is shameful and unsustainable. We must go back to our first love which is agriculture.

Where are the cocoa plantations, cotton, rubber, timbers, and the groundnut pyramids in the north? They have all gone because of our leaders lack of vision and great ideas but oil.

President Buhari is doing a lot even with the reduction in federal revenue by almost 70% compared to what Jonathan realized in the first five years of his failed administration.

Nigerians should be patient and pray for the success of PMB administration because things would have gone sour if those corrupt bastards had their way in the last presidential election. With these known facts, I still believe that president Buhari administration will be very successful with time.

The haters will label his administration as unfair, disappointing, sentimental and falling because is not business as usual. I strongly believe that he will have a successful administration before the end of first term in office.



  1. Jacob Flow

    August 8, 2016 at 1:44 AM

    @ Omokehinde.. I used to be on this forum and a good commentator, But***some reasons best known to me. I follow the najiagists news and comment on daily basis. But I read your responses and articles on daily basis and its like you are a PHOTOCOPY machine and you seems to mirror my mind on daily basis. I just want to let you know that you are OUTSTANDING while others are standing.. I strongly CONCUR with all you have said on BUHARI. I don’t care how any body feels on this present regime, We elected a PRESIDENT and not a MAGICIAN. All your points were just on the RED DOT. May God bless our President and The Federal Republic of Nigeria. And my earnest Prayer is that my dear country regain her lost GLORY. @ Omokehinde I doff my HAT for you once more.

  2. O'Nels

    August 8, 2016 at 6:27 AM

    Sir u have said it all, all those who are criticising Buhari’s government are doing it bicos of the hatred they have for him, they all know the truth, the truth is that PMB inherited economy that has been vandalised by corrupt nigerians politicians. May God bless Buhari and grant him wisdom and understanding to move this great nation forward.

  3. sola olaniyi

    August 8, 2016 at 7:06 AM

    nice article Omokehinde

  4. fifelomo

    August 8, 2016 at 7:55 AM

    I read this over and over again @Omokehinde this a brilliant write-up. Rome was not built in a day, it takes a gradually process to get it done. Baba might be slow, but I believe in the saying that says ‘slow and steady wins the race, God bless my beloved country.

  5. Adolf

    August 8, 2016 at 9:43 AM

    Hmmm,after Reading Ur Comments,i Cannot,but Give U Kudos For Ur Intelligence,and Understanding As To All Dis Happenings,let Those Critics Of PMB Read Dis Write Up,and If They Are Sincere,their Useless And Their Tribalistic Critism Will Stop,i Joined Those Dat Voted Jonathan Out,and Will Do It Over And Over Again,let Those Dat Hate PMB Continue Praying For His Failure And Demise,i Know As God Is On D Throne,every Of Their Wishes Will Not Come To Pass On PMB, One Thing I Know Is Nigeria Will Survive,amen

  6. huchennar

    August 8, 2016 at 9:51 AM

    @omokehinde i respect your opinion alot but if i must confess your writeup was also biased because you were on a side than the other. the bitter truth remains that you gave no point to back up your opinion of better Nigeria under PMB. yes you made mention of recovering loots but have you forgotten that as much as the recover loots is there is no transparency on it (he promised to spell it out on his 1st year anniversary). i loved your opinion on Nigerians going back into Agriculture but i most tell you @Jonathan administration of all the past president of Nigeria was the one who developed the agricultural sector more (you think it a lie then try to reach out for information about it).
    “under the GES, 4.2 million farmers have received seeds and fertilizer in the2013 farming season, adding that about 20 million people have been impacted through the GES initiative. banks lent N3.5 billion to seed and fertilizer companies in 2012 under the GES for example, an amount that has increased to over N20 billion in 2013.With this remarkable feat, Nigeria has reducedits food imports by over 40 per cent as of 2013, moving the country closer to self sufficiency in agriculture.”_source (vanguard)
    i know my name suggests that am an igbo boy you may think i am tribalistic that good everybody is entitled to his or her opinion but am speaking from the angle of a citizen of Nigeria. i most also tell you that I don’t think anybody is happy with the state of the nation like you said that some people are happy with the downfall of the economy under PMB. have always prayed for a better Nigeria and i will always do.
    … God bless Nigeria

  7. Metu Nyetu

    August 8, 2016 at 10:33 AM

    IN MY DECADES of experience, I have come to realize that in politics, and in deed almost every other aspect of human endeavour, such notions as wisdom, common sense, justice and fairness, equity and the likes, are all relative, and largely depend on the interests and affections of a speaker at a particular point in time. This means that we can only hear the absolute truth from the man whose thoughts and judgements have not been stained by mundane sentimentalities and selfish allegiances.

    TO HAVE such a human being is impossible. But we are fortunate that there are some very few individuals who are selfless enough to maintain that lonely line of neutrality. Not many who claim they do are truly so.

    I WILL never argue about the putrid corruption with which GEJ’s dispensation was rife. I will never speak in favour of the brimless profligacy and loot of the nation’s treasury that went on. Nor did I ever except that one year was enough to set the ship of the nation sailing high again.

    WHAT VEXES my spirit is that the man I had trusted so much as having a forward vision for a nation like Nigeria has rather given me reasons to believe that it was rather hate, and not love, that kept him making several shots at Aso Rock. Love so strong that it wants to do things right, as well as a strong desire to hurt or penalize one’s enemies, either of them could make a man keep gunning for a position of power.

    @OMOKEHINDE, I cannot say it is love that drove Buhari to Aso Rock today, as you try to make us believe, otherwise the kind of massacre that trailed his defeat in the 2011 presidential polls would not have followed. It is only a hateful and vengeful man that would command his supporters to maim and destroy because he had supposed that he rightfully should have won in the election. This now makes me wonder if you are not sentimental in your outlook, even though you had taken time to defend your neutrality. A man whose heart truly has love would have said what GEJ said in 2015, “No man’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian.”

    BUHARI’S recent unearthing of the 1985 coup by IBB makes me wonder where his focus is: backwards or forward? This further confirms my suspicion that hate drives him, and not love. Pressed with the present hardship inherited from GEJ, a president with a progressive mentality and a genuine desire for the nation’s survival would not have any time to gaze on a distant past, much less the time to exhume a putrid corpse buried over three decades back.

    TO CONCLUDE, PMB, even if he has a good vision for Nigeria, is being distracted by his deep-seated pangs to settle scores and send his enemies to the prison. I don’t care if corrupt politicians are tried and convicted. By all means, that should be so. But he should not do so at the expense of the nation’s stability. Prosecution should not be his only focus. Moreso, even now that crude oil price is at its lowest ebbs, his government should focus on better policies to cushion this adversity instead of planning to further waste the money we cry is not there by continuing to sponsor pilgrims and other businesses as usual. And so far, if I am to rate PMB, I am not quite sure that he would be behind GEJ. But the late Yar’Adua will surely be ahead of him.

  8. Endure

    August 8, 2016 at 1:46 PM

    To begin with, I mr Endurance is not a politician neither am I siding with any president. In my onion,it is too early to rate buhari as the best president considering the fact that he’s not up to 4years in office. Admittedly,the previous administration of Goodluck jonathan was marked with corruption and embezzlement of public funds but nigerians had never cried out in pain up to this point. To start with,the current administration led by buhari has not being fair in it ministerial appointments. Nigerians are people that hail from deferent ethnic groups the major one being HAUSA,IGBO and YORUBA. Therefore,a wise president has to thread cautiously in it appointment but on the contrary,what nigerians have witnessed so far is discrimination and unfair treatment of other region. Let me also point the fact that nigerian strength is derived from her diversity,therefore,any government that wishes to succeed ‘must’ draw from her diversity and not limiting itself to the talents of one region alone. It is insensitive of him to be making appointment of the muslim northerners and leaving christians northerners behind not to talk of other region in the country. Honestly this kind of lopsided appointment has never happen in the political history of the country! The list would be endless if we are to embark on names calling of the northerners he appointed in key government positions.
    Buhari witnessed the free fall of crude oil prices shortly before he was elected President and yet during his campaign he made electoral promise to reduce oil price from #97 per litres that he met it but ones he was in office he increased the price to #145! with this increment buhari has further impoverished nigerians. @Omokehinde,be reminded that during the PDP led government of Goodluck jonathan he wanted to reduce the petroleum pump price from #97 per liter to #87 but the formal governor of lagos raji fashola said the reduction of that #10 oil price was too low that they will get a better deal during Buhari administration. When nigerians latter asked why there is hike in fuel pump price, Osibanjo said pump price was increased because nigeria was broke! So in other words our president increased petroleum price because nigeria was broke and they needed to rase revenue. So therefore the 57 naira also that was added to the petroleum price is an indirect tax imposed on nigerians per litre. Now If not wickedness,how can petroleum be increased to 145 per liter when crude oil is sold at $49 per barrel? In the history of nigeria petroleum prices has never being as high as it is today further adding to the hardship of nigerians since the petroleum affect other business sector in the country and we are here calling him the best president? I gave my wife #6500 two days ago with the aim of getting half bag of rice which was the price recently, only for her to return empty handed saying the price has suddenly gone up again to #8000 ! This was the amount the full bag of this essential commodity was sold just last year before the present government took office and of course by then the price of crude oil has already dropped shortly before he took office. Should we the nigerians be the one to pay for the lack of good governors of the past administration?
    Our economy would not have gone this low if mr president had thread carefully on the same line of policy of our late president Yaraduah when he introduced amnesty to the niger delta militant. He paid their allowances and brought unprecedented calm to that region which in turn kicked started our economy once more,on the contrary mr Buhari stopped there payment in recent months which eventually gave birth to a sharp rise in the militants activities in niger delta region bringing the out put of our crude oil to all time low from 2.5 million barrel to 1.8million. Recently however,in order to tell how important that amnesty is to our economy,it was announced on the 2nd of this month of august 2016 that president muhamadu buhari has resumed the payment of the niger delta militants. That was quite commendable on his part,and according to the “nigeria crude oil production historical data” our oil out put has now gone up to 2.1million barrel per day in this year 2016.
    The most recent blunder of this administration is the subsidizing of forex for both christians and muslim pilgrims which is something private and cannot contribute to our economic growth. For example,importers of pharmaceutical products and textbooks do not benefit from a government special rebate considering that these are more essential needs. Education has also been adversely affected by the forex with more nigerians affected than those going on pilgrimages. If any of the two deserve government intervention,it is education without doubt. I endure therefore maintain that this policy is more damaging to a larger population of nigerians that depends on stable forex policy. In the aspect of fighting corruption,buhari has not win the war on corruption instead corruption is fighting back owing to lack of coordination in the trial of politically exposed persons. The buhari administration has failed to counter the deliberate manipulation of the criminal justice system by anyone indicted of looting public fund. “Administration of criminal justice act 2015” stated that the court should hear the case of indicted person with corruption day by day. But what we’ve seen so far in our justice system is adjournment of cases related corrupt charges. As if that is not enough the suspect are being granted bail as if there is no gravity of the offence committed by them. If therefore the current trend continues many of the cases will not be concluded in many,many years to come and by these,anti corruption policy of buhari administration will not achieve it desired objective. Let me just stop my typing here because am tired. If you are to rate the performance of mr president,then let it be at the end of his tenor not now.

    • Maryf

      August 9, 2016 at 3:56 AM

      You are on point

  9. buzu-k

    August 8, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    how much did APC pay u to write this article? all APC members r now saints abi,dia is GOD o!

  10. AK

    August 8, 2016 at 2:00 PM

    It is only in Nigeria that we want an immediate and instant miracle for everything. We always forget Rome was never built in one day. At the end of child labour is the joy of birth of a new born baby. Until we come to realise how to have a delayed gratitification we will always seek an immediate bread instead of waiting for the season of harvest. The previous governments have mismanaged, embezzled and misappropriate the nations fund. Now we are facing the REAL reality of the affairs of the economy and we expect miracle? Slow and steady is better than fast and perish. PMB is the people’s choice and with time the effect of his genuiness and honesty about bringing this nation back into a state to be reckoned with shall be felt. Patient is the watch word.

  11. Temilade

    August 8, 2016 at 5:11 PM

    Nice write up but Buhari should not disappoint Nigerians cos hopes are high

  12. Tina

    August 10, 2016 at 12:13 AM

    Omokehinde, my brother, yes I knew you must be my brother from Ekiti, anytime you comment on this sites or read any of your articles, I am always happy to read them because you are the most intelligent, wisdom person who just don’t just say or write anything on this site. Kudos to you and you have spoken with common sense and I hope we all Nigerians can be honest and not in hurry because what Jona and his comrade messed up can not be fix within short period that Buhari became President ojare, is like over here in USA, Republican blaming Obama for the mess that Bush did during his regime.

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